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    tripellex Guest

    Debate time... What to do with Game Cases

    So, as the title suggest, debate time. Specifically, I'm debating what to do with a bunch of game cases I recently got ahold of for free. A movie rental store that was going out of business in my town was about to throw out hundreds of original game cases, complete with original manuals, covers, and even unused DLC code vouchers. I was able to snag over 100 cases each for both PS3 and Wii and almost 200 Xbox 360 cases, including some of the newest games like Iron Man 2, FF XIII and Aliens vs. Predator.

    So, here's my question: What would you yourself do with the cases? I've been debating either stripping them and selling them on online, or just keeping them and (as soon as the PS3 is cracked), using them for burnt games. I may have even more cases coming soon as I have feelers out for other movie stores in the area that are also closing down. So, thoughts? Opinions? Anyone needing any specific game cases?

    I'll make ya a great deal on any you need

    P.S. Anyone else that is interested, check out your local Movie Gallery or Hollywood Video stores, if they haven't already closed. Some Blockbusters are also shutting down. If anyone gets ahold of original cases for Heavy Rain, Killzone 2 or WET for PS3, let me know, and I'll buy/trade ya.

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    Apr 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by tripellex View Post
    I've been debating either stripping them and selling them on online
    If you have the time, I bet you could find buyers for lots of them... including the manuals, etc. Still, listing them all separately could become more time-consuming than it's worth so maybe you could try to sell/ebay the lot of them to a collector or reseller of some type.

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    tripellex Guest
    Yup, good point Boss. If anyone is interested, I'll post a list of what I have available in case anyone has need of any cases.

    BTW Boss, thanks for going back and fixing the post for me a bit, especially where I misspelled Blockbuster due to an extra key press. Tried fixing it myself, but the edit time had expired. Thats why we love ya!

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    Osirisx Guest


    Do you have any cases and manuals for Vancover 2010 and everbodys golf world tour. (hot shots golf out of bounds) as its known in the usa.

    as I have full promo versions of those games. not trying to sell them, just need cases to make the collection of games look better.

    as for the DLC vouchers what have you got?

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    Phaze Guest
    I'd try to get buyers and sell some I guess.

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