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    sdlaurin Guest

    Is DC online a good enough reason to go legit?

    Yes i would like to try this game now that it is free. I am on km3.55 and have 2 TB full of games and movies.

    I find that I play the ps3 maybe 4-5 times a month with the current amount of games I own. Although I know being on km3.55 is too much of a good thing to ever let go for countless reason and I will NEVER update, with that said would I be a moron if I did?

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    barrybarryk Guest
    yes, DC Universe Online isn't worth it

  3. #3
    elser1 Guest
    get another ps3 for psn is the best way.

  4. #4
    Robert Vuitton Guest
    I recommend you to buy the E3 instead, or just go for the ProgSkeet solderless. Less money.

  5. #5
    Bartholomy Guest
    It's not surely a korean style game where you need to spend money every time you want to be useful, something can make you lose a CFW
    Free version, is just for try the game, advanced content is just paying

  6. #6
    elser1 Guest
    i will try the game out and let you know if its good or not in my opinion.. personally i think 500+ games is better than any 1 game.. i will never update my cfw ps3 to ofw ever!! unless the ps3 is owned and psn is available with homebrew.. i hope that never happens anyways..

  7. #7
    Natepig Guest
    Its a good game, but not worth going legit for.

  8. #8
    Bartholomy Guest
    No game at all, deserve lose CFW for an OFW, let's face it

  9. #9
    elser1 Guest
    apparantly my mate Brayden from canada says the free version will not even let you get the trophysa witch is a whistch es anoos.. LOL

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