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Here are ALL of the past and recent Nintendo Wii, NDS, and GameCube STICKY threads.

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Here are links to ALL recent STICKY threads:

Creating X-Box Images Tutorial & Tools!
Lite-On Drive Change Guide
Lite-On Drive Flash Guide
Guide: Six Steps to Prevent the XBox 360 Red Ring of Death
Guide: XBox 360 Hack - Free60 Homebrew With No Chip Needed
JeffJs Guide to "POT" tweaking all xbox 360 drives
Lite-On 93450c Drive Flash Guide
Guide: XBox 360 HDD Uncripple
Guide for Installing XBReboot on XBox 360
Simple Db-25/cat5 Lpt Nand Dump/Flash Cable XBox 360 Guide
How-to: Patch XBR for Cygnos360 V2.0 Firmware 1.03

Here are links to ALL the previous STICKY threads. Many of them are now dated, so there is no reason to STICKY them any longer.

Tutorial: Benq VAD6038 laser replacement
Tutorial: Flashing a Toshiba-Samsung MS25
KreonChecker for X-Box 360
FAQ - Everything and anything 360
X-Box 360 SS File thread!
Tutorial: Flashing a Toshiba-Samsung MS28
How to Create an XBox 1 game for 360
FAQ: Should I flash, buy a modchip or do nothing?
A Guide to Extracting SS Sectors
How to Burn an X-Box 360 Game
X-Box 360 POT Calibration Tutorial thread!
X-Box 360 IDA and XEX utility

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This thread contains links to ALL the previous PS2 STICKY threads.

PS2 DVD / General Links:

Official PS2 DVD TOC List
PS2 DVD Back-Up Tutorials
PS2 Internal Memory Card Install
Official DVD Loader thread
Poll: Who remembers PS2 ZoneLoader?
How To Disassemble A Slim PS2
Emulators for PS2
PS2Lens Changer v1.0 B6 released!
SwapMagicFix Compatibility List!
PS2 Version Identification List
Get the CDGen PSX/PS2 utilities here!
PAL and NTSC selectors including Y-Fix!
PS2/PSTwo Fuse Locations

PS2 HDD Links:

Free MC Boot
Altimit release thread
ExecFTPs release thread
FAPLink release thread
Flatten PS2 DVD9 Games Tutorial and IML files
HDA Compiler Utility released!
HD Advance Compatability List
HD Advance Disc & MC (BOOT.ELF) thread
HD Advance Tutorials: Installing Back-Ups
HDL_DUMP and HDL_DUMB thread!
HDL GUI thread with source code!
MCManager v0.1 thread
PS2 HD Handiness thread
PS2 HDD UT thread
PS2 InfoGB/NES thread
PS2 Key Launcher & Launch.ELF thread
PS2Menu / PS2Menu-K thread
PS2OS release thread
PS2 Script v0.3.1 thread!
PSTwo v12 IDE HDD Installation
USB eXtreme utilities thread!

PS2 Online Links:

BETA Machine ID Changer with source code!
Disc ID Insertor v2.20 released!
DiskID Changer v0.3 source code released!
Official Disc ID Utility thread
Official PS2 On-Line JAP Disc ID thread!
Official PS2 On-Line PAL Disc ID thread!
Official PS2 On-Line USA Disc ID thread!
PS3News Image Patcher v1.6 released!
PROPER Machine ID Changer released!

PS2 Useful Links:

PS2 Utilities
HD Advance FiX Patches
Swap Magic FiX Patches
PS3News Tutorials
PS3News Affiliates
PS3News Site F.A.Q.
PS2 CD-R Burning
PSTwo (v12) Section
PS2 On-Line FiX
PS2 Image Patcher
USB Extreme F.A.Q.
HD Advance Support
USB Extreme Support