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    Apr 2005

    Confirmed: Open Source Game Console EVO Arrives in April, 2009

    EVO is the first Linux Open Source game console. The system will be able to support both digital distribution of content and games from the Envizions cloud.

    EVO physical game format will be on compact secure digital cards (SD card). Each EVO Enhanced open source SD game will come with game manual, packaging, support, free expansion levels, and cloud game save storage.

    Press Release: It's Official - Envizions Advance Open Source Game Console Is Confirmed for April 2009 EVO Smart Console the First Open Source Convergence Game Platform

    ANNISTON, AL - (Marketwire) - Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation announced today that developers, resellers, earlier adopters and potential software partners can now purchase EVO beta units today, and units will be shipped on April 10, 2009. Envizions has 100 beta units in stock. Potential OEM/resellers, distributors and earlier adopters purchase price is $279-$350 per unit. The new retail price for systems will be $379 after April 17, 2009.

    Total units in stock are 100 with additional units shipping throughout the fiscal year with several Envizions partners already using EVO beta units.

    The EVO beta program will run until June 17, 2009. Beta units will have 3 months of free phone support and 30 day money back guarantee for earlier adopters.

    Most EVO SD games will cost $19.95 and third party developers can set their own price for digital distribution games and applications. Games and accessories can be purchased from the EVO Store. Envizions will also develop first party games for the system. Another key benefit that EVO provides is that open source games don't require configuration or installation.

    Envizions games have been develop to work with EVO game controller or keyboard/mouse combo. The games are plug_and_play. The EVO system was designed with a small EVO OS called Mirrors that operates in the background and auto load the games for quick boot-up speeds.

    The load times are quicker than current consoles and quieter. Most EVO games load in five seconds. EVO is cheaper for development since the system supports a large list of open source development tools, but Envizions also provides paid support if needed. Envizions has selected nine open source games for the release and Envizions will donate to the open source communities who contribute games. The unit will ship with three open source pre-configured games installed on the EVO hardware.

    The initial open source code on EVO is free, but users can upgrade to a more robust version called Mirrors Evolution X with enhance features and applications.

    The EVO Smart Console will be the first system to merge the PC and console into one device. The EVO game controller and keyboard/mouse combo can utilize the interface at the same time. Users will be able to control either EVO DVD application with game controller, keyboard/mouse or both.

    Envizions will continue to provide updates and strengthen the code after release. "EVO is only going to get better with new code development from partners, developers and Envizions," states Terrence Johnson Director of Operations of Envizions.

    EVO is the convergence of game console, PC, HD DVR, Cloud storage, Internet TV, Internet, Social Network, DVD player, and Phone in one device. "EVO is the convergence of several devices into one unit. EVO is for customers that want more value from their entertainment hardware and reduced space around the TV from other devices that do one function. This is only the beginning and Envizions is confident that we can lead the movement for the next generation of convergence, cloud, and open source possibilities for the next few years," states Derrick Samuels CEO and Founder.

    About Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation:

    Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation was incorporated on August 10, 2004 and founded by Derrick Samuels. With main headquarters located at 801-5 Noble Street, Anniston, Alabama, the company is involved in electronic devices, media, and publishing. The company's most ambitious project is the highly anticipated EVO Smart Console. For more information, visit www.evosmartconsole.com, www.envizionscorp.com, www.pitchbuzz.com.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    CyanCaze Guest
    Do there companies honestly think they will survive? Holy crap this is getting annoying. It's like the 1980's all over again. 17 different consoles to chose from.

    Anyway, this cloud w/e you call it seems to be where everyone is going now. But people don't understand gaming consoles are not like freaking phones! You can't just upgrade them saying Hey! We just added supertooth 9821 Throw out your old supertooth 9820's and buy this one for 100 dollars more!

    I seriously don't want a console that is out of date before I buy it. It's annoying and Thus far no one has tried to even beat the PS3's hardware. It's really, really, annoying.

    I almost never call a console a rip off because it's such a large finger to be thrown around. But the controller just looks similar to me... I wonder where I seen it before. Oh yeah! Onlive had it! But I could have sworn I'm forgetting something. I know it's not Sony though. (Sarcasm)

    You think they would have the common decency to try something new.

    Anyway I don't care. This is the only thing I hate when people try to make it in the console market. It comes this much closer to crashing until it's just like buying a new movie player. (Where there are 900 to chose from.)

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    sexmachine321 Guest
    I would give that thing a chance.

    The Wii is one of the stupidest consoles I've seen, but currently its the strongest seller.

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    D3M0N2009 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sexmachine321 View Post
    I would give that thing a chance.

    The Wii is one of the stupidest consoles I've seen, but currently its the strongest seller.
    Thats because there are a lot of morons in the world who find it amazing that the Wii is motion sensitive.

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    Kraken Guest
    My mom needs a DVR that can accept digital over the air signals. Assuming that this unit can do that, I could see it stealing a market from TIVO which is more expensive, has less features and charges a monthly fee on top of that. I'm sure she wouldn't mind playing pac-man on it either.

    Don't expect this unit to compete with the big boys (Sony M$, Nintendo). It is going to be a niche thing like pandora; you probably won't see it at retail.

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    CyanCaze Guest
    Everyone please keep in mind the Wii is for non gamers. They don't look at a game and go "Wow these graphics are 0.1% better on the 360 because it's a easier port" They just look at the game.

    Half these people grew up with Mario and haven't seen him for awhile. Now that they have kids they have a choice between this family friendly console, and 2 mass gore consoles.

    You see Sony and Microsoft needs to stop worrying about this audience so much. I know you want to have a few games they can play. But truth is parents are going to buy their child a Wii or PS2. If the father is a gamer then a PS3. I say this because the PS3 is more family friendly then the xbox. Although they are both nearly equal in terms of maturity. I can name only 1 game exclusive to the xbox that is family friendly. Although I can't do much better for Sony by only naming 2. Those games are fun and easy to pick up.

    The 2 Sony games I can think of are Ratchet and Clank & Little Big Planet.
    The 1 Xbox game I can think of is Banjo and Kazooie.

    I love Banjo and Kazooie it's one of my most fond child hood memories. However they managed to muck it up by making Banjo look like a certain male appendage, and Kazooie Anorexic. Also they took Mumbo and put him into overalls.... And whatever that Indian chick's name is, and made her look like a wanna be Indian cow-girl.

    Sad thing is, if they didn't screw it up I would have bought a 360.

    Ratchet and Clank games are always good, and Little Big Planet was revolutionary. So both are very good games. No nostalgia but good none the less.

    Anyway my point is the Wii has at least 10 exclusive games for kids. Parents will see that and say "okay lets buy it". It's like a Vsmile, only those completely suck.

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    quintplayer5 Guest
    i think its pretty neat that a game console has a background os from a computer... imagine the hacks that will come from this thing... possibly dual boot the ps3 os or 360.

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    kakarotoks Guest
    I think you're missing the point here : It's Open source! That's really something interesting to be using open source to create a game console! So who cares if it's the 100th console release this year, it still is the first open source console.. ever (not counting handlheld pandora)!

    @quintplayer5 : This also means that there won't be any 'hacks', all you need is to get the source code, modify it, recompile it, done! It's not a hack, it's just a patch!

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    SageNOR Guest
    yeah, think of all the new posibillities u'd have with an open source. Imagine ps3 open source, that would kick ass.

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    TonyHart Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by SageNOR View Post
    yeah, think of all the new posibillities u'd have with an open source. Imagine ps3 open source, that would kick ass.
    PS3 and open source are mutually exclusive terms.

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