Microsoft has confirmed to VG247 this morning that there will be no Xbox 360 press conference at Games Convention next week.

"No press conference from us per se," we were told by a rep via email, who added that the company’s booth will instead have rolling demos on its exterior and behind closed doors slots.

The news leaves only one platform holder conference left for GC 2008, that being Sony at 5pm CET on Wednesday, August 20.

Nintendo confirmed in May that it would be avoiding the show altogether.

We will, of course, be bringing you the Sony conference live from front row (ish) seats. Check out Sony’s line-up below:

- MotorStorm: Pacific Rift
- LittleBigPlanet
- Resistance 2
- Free Realms
- The Agency
- DC Universe Online
- Infamous
- Home
- Killzone 2 (single player and multiplayer hands-on)
- Heavy Rain

The show’s press day is next Wednesday, and we’ll be there. Sony’s press conference takes place at 5pm ECT that evening. We’ll bring you more details closer to the time. More PlayStation 3 News...