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    Confirmed: Nintendo DSi to Battle Piracy with Firmware Updates

    Nintendo's UK boss David Yarnton has confirmed that the DSi has a number of enhancements with regards to its security.

    One of the main ways that Nintendo will try and battle piracy on the system is through firmware updates, in similar fashion to what Sony attempts to do with the PSP.

    Nintendo also revealed that the system is region locked due to differences in age ratings for certain games.

    To quote: Yarnton also went on to discuss the firm's ongoing efforts to battle the threat posed to gaming from piracy, and the measures Nintendo has taken to combat it:

    "The DSi has a number of enhancements to built-in security. There's firmware that we can upgrade, to try and keep one step ahead at all times. Hopefully that will protect not only our Intellectual Property but also our publishers, who put a lot of time and investment into developing games."

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    dan0 Guest
    hmmm taking the same route as Sony with the PSP.. with people out there like DAX, i don't know if that's such a good idea

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    Alucard Guest
    there is already flash card out there that claims they work with the dsi, i have a few ordered let see when mi dsi comes in!!!

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