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    Confirmed: New Michael Jackson Game is Still in Development

    A few weeks ago there was a report that a new Michael Jackson video game was in development, and scheduled to hit consoles for the holiday 2009 season.

    Shortly following the news, tragedy stuck the pop star and there was no word on whether the game would still be released or not.

    Today IGN has confirmed it's still being developed, to quote:

    A report by MCV is confirming the rumor, and says the game is being handled by the singer's own company, MJJ Productions.

    According to the report, the game has been in development for "several months" and Jackson himself even recorded speech and dialogue before the musician died.

    The game has an expected Christmas 2009 "home console release" for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It will also feature a number of artist's hit songs.

    A representative from MJJ Productions was quoted as saying "I am sure it will still be released. Michael loved games."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    teta Guest
    i love Michael Jackson, and sure i plan to buy this game for my son.

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    gfyfe Guest
    mike was the greatest dancer singer and entertainer of all time. i hope that they drop the game very soon

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    CORAGON Guest
    lol a michael jackson videogame

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    vinizuh Guest

    Big Grin

    haha my cousin has the mj game for nintendo doing dance moves to fight. it was pretty awesome back in the day.

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    gyorkland Guest


    Sounds good but anyone knows what kind of game is it going to to be?

    I remember he even appeared on a boxing game.

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    gaferion Guest
    i sort of am looking forward to this. i remember playing an mj game on sega when i was still in grade school at a friend's house ... i think it was called moonwalker or something. it wasnt too bad and I think we played it through over a weekend.

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    nickiidx Guest
    The Ready 2 Rumble series was entertaining, but I'll always remember him in Space Channel 5 as Space Michael!

    Who knows what the next game will be like. To add to what Boss posted on the OP, IGN reported that according to Dave Perry, the game was supposed to ship with all new material. Possibly being a way to distribute a new album and bring in millions of new gamers. I imagine a platformer with dancing ala Bust a Groove/Move. That would be awesome!

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    DrummingHero3 Guest
    This game will own. definetley going to buy it when it comes out.

    RIP MJ

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