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    Starlight Guest

    Complete Interview - What's to Come for Xbox 360

    We know, right now half of you are scratching your heads wondering "who the hell is John Schappert?"

    He's the new Peter Moore, minus the tats, facial hair and accent.

    Michael McWhertor and Brian Crecente got to sit and talk to him about what's to come from Xbox 360, LIVE and all sorts of stuff like that.

    This isn't some 2-minute clip, so make sure to dim the lights and pour yourself a glass of wine before partaking. The satin robe is optional.

    The complete Interview video can be seen here!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    briguy992 Guest
    I just saw this and it's really interesting.

    There are definitely some interesting things ahead for the 360! Let's hope they can continue to counter Sony since Sony is already looking like it is going to have a phenomonel (sp) year.

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    darksector26 Guest
    yeh with MGS4, killzone 2 and maybe even Crysis for PS3 the 360 has got alot to show if it wants to keep up

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