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    triple7 Guest

    CNN goes MENTAL over GTA IV

    And so it begins: CNN reporter Glenn Beck has gone proper off on one, warning parents on television of the new 'murder celebrator' Grand Theft Auto IV, which he says is "training our kids to be killers". Ban this sick filth!

    "Whatever happened to Pong?!" asks a furious Beck, going into a frenzied rant we thought only existed in GTA's own media-mocking radio shows.

    "Here's what you need to know tonight; in Grand Theft Auto your son, husband or boyfriend can hire a prostitute, have sex with her and then beat her to death with a baseball bat.

    "When a police officer comes after him, he can either light that police officer on fire or cut him in half with a chainsaw. This is entertainment?!"

    The CNN presenter continues: "We are training our kids to be killers and we are training our sons to treat women like whores."

    Brilliant ideas there from Glenn, but unfortunately as far as we know there's no chainsaw or flamethrower in GTA IV. We dare not suggest he hasn't played it, though...

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    DDNeos Guest
    This should come as no surprise. Though, news reporters are meant to report the 'truth' and nothing but it, that doesn't mean they tweak it sometimes to conform to their views. Many News TV personalities are discreetly conservative in their reviews over topics and verbalize.

    Unfortunately these ideas entrench on the American populus entire and people tend to adopt these ideas to conform in order to avoid criticism from the outside. However, I agree that 5 year olds should NOT play this game.

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    falconsfan Guest
    He's just one of those "disappointed" consumers who didn't get his copy at launch! LOL

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    omegmatic Guest
    My question for these critics is always the same: What kind of lousy parent are you that all that work you've dedicated to teaching your son to treat women with respect, your daughters to not KILL COPS or either of your children to be capable of distinguishing between reality and a VIDEO GAME will go down the drain and be completely erased from their mind because of a video game?

    Any parent who blames this game for any of the wrong doing of their children should first admit they're a poor parent for allowing a child to play the damn game, and then if they bought it, to take full responsibility for allowing a child to be raised by TV and video games.

    And another thing, why's it gotta be your son, boyfriend or husband; what, women can't play this game and do the same thing? Killing cops and hookers can be a family activity, for all its members.

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    ec1baller Guest
    he acts like if every child is going to get their hands on it. its not that easy for any kid to get it some stores and parents are strict about buying video games lol. im 19 and when buying resistance the guy asked me if i had id lol i dont look that young.

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    kojima1 Guest
    It's up to the parents to control their kids playing it.

    Also, it seems he played a little bit of one of the previous ones, and applied it again here.

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    coolsxx Guest
    This effect is not from the game... It is decide by people.

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    TGB Guest
    I'm glad Hillary Clinton is not going to be president with her tirade over gta sa:


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    mrmiller24 Guest
    you cant cut people in halve on gta 4, or did i miss that bit?

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    Daderushmore Guest
    No one in their right mind would treat everyday life like a game... thats for the crazy ones... sure I wont give it to a kid, but then again it is rated 18 right?

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