Have an HD-DVD player laying around and want to get rid of it? Well, if you bought it at any Circuit City location, you can now trade it in towards a purchase of any Blu-ray disc player.

Don't want a Blu-ray player? That's okay! They'll hand you a gift card in the amount of the original purchase price instead.

According to customer reports, the trade-in deal is good towards a PlayStation 3 unit as well. Keep in mind this deal is in-store only. The full memo is detailed below:

HD DVD - The End. Toshiba stated in a press release that they will stop manufacturing and selling HD DVD players. The marketplace has spoken in favor of Blu-ray. We are delighted that consumers now will be able to invest with confidence in next-generation video disc players and titles. Based on Toshiba's announcement, we expect to phase out HD DVD players and movie titles in our stores and on our Web site in the near future. FAQs

Why will Circuit City continue to sell HD DVD players for the near future?

There are large numbers of HD DVD movie titles still in circulation and some customers will want to be able to view those titles.

Also, HD DVD players are very affordable and will continue to play and up-convert standard DVDs with improved quality. So, during the phase-out, some customers will want a DVD player equipped with upconvert technology (and the ability to play HD DVD titles).

When will HD DVD players and movie titles disappear from our stores and Web site?

That will happen in the near future, depending on sell-through rates while HD DVD products go on clearance. We have implemented the following price changes (make sure your floor is tagged correctly):

These are fully functioning "upconverting" HD/DVD players that are now competitively priced!

And, of course, don't forget the HDMI cable!

What about my HD DVD Endcap?

We're developing an alternate plan over the next couple of weeks. Please keep it up in the meantime.

Important: About Returns

Q; What about customers who may try to return an HD DVD player - even if they have owned it for several months?

A: We do not want to upset our valued customers. For this special circumstance, we are happy to offer an exchange for a Blu-ray player (customer plays any difference in purchase price) - even if it has been several months since the customer made their HD DVD player purchase. If the customer does not want a Blu-ray player, we can issue a gift card refund for their original purchase price. For products purchased in the last 30 days, handle as usual.

(Note: all open-box and defective Toshiba HD DVD players are Return-to-Vendor and must be sent back to Toshiba.)

As per policy, we will not accept refunds of opened HD DVD software.

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