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    labonte Guest

    CIOSCORP v3.1 Released

    da_letter_a has released cIOSCORP v3.1. A software modification for your Nintendo Wii to allow you to play your backup burnt games via the disc channel without opening your console or having to use a loader application.

    What is it?
    It's a software modification for your Nintendo Wii to allow you to
    play your backup burnt games via the disc channel without opening
    your console or having to use a loader application.

    How to install it?
    Unpack the contents of this .zip file to your SD card and run the
    "cIOSCORP v3.1 Installer" application via the Homebrew Channel,
    sit back, and wait.

    Does it work with LU64+ consoles?
    As it is based on all the latest versions of IOS, theoretically it
    should be. None of my testers had LU64+ consoles to test it on, so
    install at your own risk.

    cIOSCORP v3.1 uses waninkoko's IOS249 rev14's DIP module, except for
    IOSes 30, 36, 50, and 60, which have rev13b's DIP module. This is so
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl will work correctly (as rev14's DIP breaks
    dual layer support).

    3.1? why not v3?
    cIOSCORP v3 used rev13's DIP module, and that gave #001 error for a
    lot of games, so I used rev14's DIP module as soon as it came out.

    bc-trucha? cmios?
    These are for loading backup gamecube discs. The bc included is the
    latest, but with the trucha bug intact (so it can load cmios), and
    the cmios is Wiigator's Custom mios (with GC backup launcher in it).

    waninkoko - made the cIOS249 we all know and love, I used DIP modules from that to make cIOSCORP v3.1
    Wiigator - made the cmios which is used in this cIOSCORP v3.1
    WiiPower - for telling me about rev14's DIP Module breaking Dual Layer Support

    All of my testers.Some things I forgot to put in the README before uploading.

    1. waninkoko's cIOS36 rev7 or above (ability to install trucha signed system content)

    2. Even though all the IOSes are the latest version, the trucha bug has been put back into them, and both IOS36 and IOS60 have the ES_Identify patch in them too.

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    Zeroboricua Guest

    Thumbs Up

    I will try it soon when I get home.. THANKS!

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    labonte Guest

    cIOSCORP v3.2 Released

    After heaps of work and many fixes da_letter_a & damysteryman have released cIOSCORP v3.2 enjoy.

    What's new

    Added the ES_Identify Patch to IOSes 30, 35,

    And 50 (preloader fix)

    Fixed Animal Crossing Wii compatibility

    Fixed Ghostbusters compatibility as much as possible

    Moved cmios to use an installer separate to the

    Main installer, for people who don't want to install the included cmios

    Removed IOSes 51, 56, 57, and 61 as they are unnecessary

    Completely overhauled the README


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    labonte Guest
    da_letter_a has released a new version of cIOSCORP version 3.3

    Version 3.3
    DIP-module changed for IOS 30, 50 and 60 for use rev14, ie fix the error # 002B (Sos ghosts, etc. .. SSBB is not affected)
    WORKAROUND Fix-added DVDx
    -Added patch IOS36 to NAND Permissions
    Patch-ES_Identify changed (not change)
    IOS10-removed from the pack, as there is no need to patch
    -change in the readme


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    labonte Guest

    cIOSCORP 3.4 Released

    da_letter_a and damysteryman have released a new version cIOSCORP 3.4

    Changelog :

    v3.4 - changed DIP Module in IOSes 30, 36, 50, and 60
    to use rev12 in order to fix Original GC disc

    -support, and to fully remove the Anti #002 error system present in rev13b

    - added the latest IOS56 to support Guitar Hero 5

    - changed the base IOS for all the non-modular IOS from IOS33 to IOS53

    - DIP modules are no longer shared between IOS

    - consolidated all extra features into one installer

    - removed the bc as it was unnecessary

    - added uninstall packages (separate download)

    - added compatibility list to package updated the FAQ

    - updated the README

    Download Link

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    cfwprophet Guest

    cIOS-CORP v3.6 MOD by cfwprophet

    In preparing the new Offline Downgrad/Hack Pack i run into troubles with some IOSīs from this cIOS-CORP v3.4.There for i made a mod of it and changed some IOSīs to be more compatible with my Rescue Discs.Becouse security for me goes on first place

    If you have some troubles with games that use the downstairs modded IOSīs than just use one of the great SD/USB or Backup loader or patch it to IOS249 and see if it works.


    - IOS36 was not compatible with the new HBC.If you have installed it, the HBC stands head over.I downgraded it to the first version and patched it with the trucha bug and the cES module along with NAND permission.Why the cES?Becouse the cIOS36 v3.4 dont let you use apps that would need this module eg. Xyzzy to obtain your Wiiīs keys.

    - Two cIOS36 are available.The v3.5 with the above called features and the v3.6 with additional injected cDIP from the cIOSv14.

    - New custom Sys-IOS70 added (FW 4.2)

    - added NEW IOS USB2.0 - Hermes cIOS222 v3 (thx for the shared modules)

    - Updated Sys-IOSīs 30,50,60,70 with cDIP v14, cES and the trucha bug

    - Updated Sys-IOS 30 back to original IOS30

    - Removed cMIOS v4 alias v9 -Waninkoko-

    - Removed DVDX becouse in my eyes its useless.I dont know one single person who use this. (sure some one out there will use it but...)

    - No own writed installer.Just use the included WAD Batch Installer - its a nice Application for the Wii

    - All Non-Updated IOSīs are Non-Renamed to v3.6

    - credits should be earned to da_letter_a and damysteryman

    - added MOD-ReadMe

    Just run WADBatch installer and your done.Dont missunderstand!!This cIOS-CORP is the work of da_letter_a and damysteryman
    and all credits should be earned to them.
    -Have Fun-

    Download cIOS-CORP v3.6 MOD by cfwprpht = megaupload.com/?d=SNJHPIK5

    SHA256 Checksum: 4a5e6942bfe2be860c509d151743d8eaac6e1f33ff1126949d bde94ff70e4eb9 *cIOS-CORP v3.6 MOD by cfwprhpt

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    xplozion Guest
    This is the only thing i have never tried on my Wii..

    Once i get some i will try this to boot games from the Disc Channel!


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