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    Starlight Guest

    Cinematic Mod 10 Screens Reveal Bump Map Rocks & HD Objects

    The Cinematic Mod 10 is under construction, and new screenshots show the Bump Maps for rocks, the 'worth seeing' HD objects and an enhanced Alyx figure (below).

    According to the modder Fakefactory, the Cinematic Mod 10 is in Pre-Beta phase and so the screenshots possibly don't represent the final graphics.

    Most interesting are the laboriously modeled and textured HD objects like PCs and technical devices. But the new rocks with detailed Bump Maps are an eye catcher, too. Furthermore there is a new "eased" version of the alternative HD Alyx.

    Finally, some background on Cinematic Mod 10: A release date has not been announced yet. The HD characters have been heavily optimized in version 10. Due to a new LoD system the framerate should be noticeably better than it has been in Cinematic Mod 9.

    Among the new features are HD models for certain objects and a new, optional HD model of Alyx. Furthermore a dynamic soundtrack, some HDR tweaks and some more bugfixes have been added.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Shrink Guest
    Besides her giant nipples I don't see what's so great in these pictures...

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    D3M0N2009 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Shrink View Post
    Besides her giant nipples I don't see what's so great in these pictures...
    Lol, I noticed as well.

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    sorceror Guest
    Yeah, it's kind of obvious that Alyx is the only one excited by this.

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    pierreyves28 Guest
    Maybe ... she's just cold and needs help to warm up .... maybe I should help her right away !

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