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    HeyManHRU Guest

    China's first gaming console, the iSec!

    China is closed off to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo’s consoles, meaning the first console available for sale in that country – aside from the knockoffs, of course – will be home grown. Today the iSec, renamed from the “eBox” announced last year, was unveiled.

    Made by a Beijing company that’s funded by Lenovo – China’s largest PC maker and a very recognisable brand in the west – the iSec uses motion-sensing technology similar to Kinect, and many of the launch games demonstrated focused on exercise. Other titles shown were sports and adventure titles involving skateboarding and monster-fighting. It doubles as a Karaoke machine.

    The iSec’s games are being developed by studios in China, North America and Europe. The console’s maker, Eedoo Technology, says it will consider selling the unit overseas after it sells one million units in China. The iSec will hit China in December for around $470.

    So what do you guys think? I don't really care about it since by the time it hits the global market it would be obsolete by the next generation of upcoming consoles (Ex: Wii U).

    Also I would have posted this in the "Console News" section but it seemed more appropriate to post it here since this news is not really relevant to us (since we don't live in China).

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Awesome, I'll need to see the specs first but I'll probably import one if its like other chinese consoles (Dingoo etc) since they generally realease SDKs and if not it'll have virtually no security

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    Mantagtj Guest
    ebox lol what a thoughtful name lol, looks like an xbox/ps3 hybrid case lol, for the price I could have 2 ps3 slims tho (2nd hand) off and online one ...

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Is it hackable? haha 470$ for.. a chinese console..?

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Thats the price in china in yaun just converted to dollars, it'll be much cheaper to everyone else.

    Looks like it's a PC in a box, the pictures are all low res except the press shots but it looks like it has a few USB ports along the back, AV MULTI out, VGA, RCA and Ethernet.

    There's also this site - http://www.eedoo.cn/html/game/

    all in chinese though oddly enough but the games look very wii like just a bit further along the tech scale

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Looks a bit like the first ps3`s. If they dont have phenomenon games or new technologie i don't think that they will overcome the marked. There was a other company doing the same fold... i think it was called SEGA

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    dinzy Guest
    Chinese people make less than people in the US. $470 is a lot of money here, it's a ton of money there.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    yep, it'll still be alot cheaper on export though.

    It'll also be the only home console on sale legally in China, it wont be anywhere else. Lenovo have also made some very big promises to developers for the system, if the console doesn't sell 50mil units the developers keep all of the cash from their apps and games on the system.

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    lindwurm Guest
    hmmm from handheld to console gaming... if it sold in china just 1% then they already sold 15 millions console and that's enough for their console life span and their target less than that.Almost every thing in this world were manufactured and assemble in china and the reason was low production cost low market price or afraid of their imitating skill to create clone or copies...

    i think this is just they first step to take part in console business and a breakthru in their own country for being legal also maybe a chinese major names in gpu will be interest for making some cash from their own market.For fighting in international market with major names like sony, Nintendoand microsoft it will be hard coz that names have a large budget in R & D not to mention backup from well known game dev, maybe they'll end up failure like 3DO, Sega etc.

    i think their market is below mid range and already been proven.. i don't know about their games quality but i know their quantity.. let's sing: Everybody was Kung Fu fighting,Those kicks were fast as lightning, In fact it was a little bit frightning, But they did it with expert timing.

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    syphonlord Guest
    Looking at some of the videos of game play i must say it is like the wii graphics wise and you also have some kind of move/kinect control device, oh well not really my thing,didnt really get on with the wii,but im sure it will do well in china.

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