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    CES 2009: Microsoft to Focus on Current XBox 360, More Friends

    Fewer gamers want to upgrade, so Microsoft will focus on the current XBox 360 console.

    Speaking at CES in Las Vegas, Microsoft president Robbie Bach revealed that Microsoft intends to rely on the Xbox 360 for longer than usual because its hard to get consumers to upgrade. Hence they will not be rushing out a new XBox 720? model any time soon.

    Additionally, they plan to increase the 100 friends limit on XBox Live through more frequent XBox 360 updates, according to Aaron Greenberg.

    He also told gaming fanatics that they can expect more channels, content, and features on a regular basis due to the new interface.

    To quote: Microsoft Corp. will rely on its Xbox 360 game console for longer than the previous version because it's getting harder to get consumers to upgrade, the head of the company's entertainment unit said.

    The software maker will focus on improving the Xbox's games and features rather than rushing to introduce a new model, President Robbie Bach said Wednesday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Xbox 360 started selling in 2005, replacing the original Xbox, which debuted in 2001.

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    calrox6 Guest


    Personally, I think xbox 360 revenue will not grow anymore then it is at this current moment. I mean come on, the consoles price is lower then a psp? they have sold 10 million units. how greedy can microsoft be. they should install more codecs for media and really try to make it the central hub of the living space like the ps3 has. anyway thats my opinion

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