Microsoft’s Xbox Live boasts an enormous user base, however, many of its users have been nothing short of vocal in criticizing the monthly subscription fee required to fully "jump in."

Supporters of the service often cited the flexible in-game chat capability as its primary edge over the PlayStation Network, but recent updates on the part of Sony have bridged that gap.

The addition of online capabilities to consoles allowed gamers to remotely connect to each other, but more importantly, from a publishers perspective, it created a viable means for digital distribution of content. On that note, both the PS3 and 360 next-gen consoles have infrastructures capable of delivering digital content to consumers, but which format do publishers prefer?

In a recent interview, Capcom’s digital content product manager, John Diamonon, discussed the current digital distribution options available to publishers. Diamonon complimented the PSN service, and had the following to say about XBL:

"As far as Microsoft goes-how can I say this diplomatically-there are things I think they’d like to do to promote content in multiple ways, and I think they’ll get there eventually… but they’re not there yet."

It should also be noted that Sony recently granted Capcom a branded PSN storefront (the first of its kind), allowing the publisher to pimp their wares and their brand. More PlayStation 3 News...