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    Starlight Guest

    Call of Duty: World At War Exclusive Trailer Video released!

    Call of Duty is back! Today the exclusive debut teaser video is released.

    It reads: Enter the pacific theater. With flamethrowers.

    The video is available to watch below, courtesy of GameTrailers.

    Enjoy guys!


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    aussieraptor2 Guest
    Wow.. looks so good! i've played all the other CoD's, hopefully this is another awesome game too!

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    Feszyn Guest
    It's nice to see no numbers next to title (Call of duty 5 >.>) I'm pretty sure it will be great game.

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    GreatFox Guest
    IMHO it's kinda sad that they moved back to WW2. They had it right to try something different in CoD4. No it's just same generic "shoot the germans"-game, we already have too many of these!

    And flamethrowers are such a rarity in videogames nowdays. Can't think anything but this and FarCry 2. (no, Return to Castle Wolfenstein doesn't count)

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