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    Apr 2005

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 MPLoader v1.0 for PC Released

    Over the weekend Teknogods.com (linked above) released a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 MPLoader dubbed TeknoMW2 1.0, which allows PC users to run their own dedicated servers to host multiplayer and LAN games out of the IWNet.

    Download: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 MPLoader v1.0

    The Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Loader is of course against the terms and rules by Infinity Ward, so it's suggested this be used at your own risk.

    However, it is reported that all rooms on the server is already full to max compacity. Additionally, there are already a ton of cheats in the game so Infinity Ward will be very busy these few coming weeks.

    To quote: "I decided to release this now as it seems to work perfectly."

    - Initial Release

    Spec Ops Coop Play

    ==Usage For Client==
    1. Copy TeknoGods_MW2SP.exe and TeknoMW2.dll to your game folder.
    2. Make a shortcut to TeknoGods_MW2SP.exe and add --ip= after
    Example TeknoGods_MW2SP --ip=

    ==Usage For Server==
    1. Copy TeknoGods_MW2SP.exe and TeknoMW2.dll to your game folder.
    2. Run game from TeknoGods_MW2SP.exe

    ==In game use for server==
    1. Goto Spec Ops
    2. Click Two Player Online
    3. Host the game and wait in lobby.

    ==In game use for client==
    1. Simply press F12 to connect

    - This release is not intended for piracy usage!
    - This release will not work on executable that doesn't use steam!
    - Use your own steam account at your own risk.
    You can create separate account and use 'backup exe' with steam support to run the game.

    This release is beta quality. If something breaks, review any
    pertinent comments on teknogods.com, then email me as a last resort.
    Include all log files and a detailed description of problem and
    how to reproduce it.

    Testers: Adeas
    Our community of course! :)
    Make sure you also check out our StarCraft2 and Red Alert 3 Progress!


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    livpool Guest
    This is good news for PC users!

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    Warrorar Guest
    i'm sad that they never worked on a lan solution for burnout paradise =(

    but nice job with mw2

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    semitope Guest
    You need steam to play it and you need internet access to get it to work over lan so not quite the best.

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    Balkanboy Guest

    Big Grin

    LOL well most PC users would of pirated which you can get that doesn't install steam... thanks for update works like charm over lan.

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    semitope Guest
    Its been possible for awhile now to play the game with a multiplayer "FIX" so no prob. Those who didnt buy it could join games on steam and play.

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    Sangue10 Guest
    Very nice... well this is better then using those messed up cracks. Cuz cracks like v10.16 get you in multiplayer mode only for 2 seconds and then you get kicked out

    I wanna know also by the way... (when the cracks first worked) why do you have to put a space in your name anyway... cuz it is very strange.. with a space in your name then you were able to play online on MW2...

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    Cappar Guest
    it doesn't work for me.. help

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    Apr 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by Cappar View Post
    it doesn't work for me.. help
    You will have to be a lot more specific than that if you expect to get help... what doesn't work for you exactly, what did you try and what happens as a result, do you get any errors, etc?

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    Cappar Guest
    Okay, i have skidrows version of the game, i have downloaded the file that has been posted here, and i have put i into my call of duty folder, but i cant get it to work with Spec ops, it says i have to be signed into Steam online to play??

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