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    Starlight Guest

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to Exceed All FPS Titles This Year?

    Activision is the biggest publisher in the industry topping even gaming giant EA since there merge with Blizzard; creators of the magnificent World of Warcraft.

    While I'm sure there are millions of gamers who know about World of Warcraft, they also were behind the excellent Diablo & Starcraft which have many gamers still rattling their names off here and there. Activision was behind Call of Duty, Guitar Hero (first two) & Quake.

    Activision has a few games up its sleeves to reveal but the most anticipated game in everyone's mind is Call of Duty 6.

    At the NY Comicon inside sources from Activision were asked if Call Duty 6 would top Killzone 2 this year. Their answer similar to Sony's arrogance was a big and bold "YES" and then some.

    We went on to ask for more details for such as the graphical power of the game as well as if the game play had changed at all since COD4 but all that was said was that the graphics will blow you away and the game play is deeper than any other COD you've ever experienced!

    They also went on to say that the multiplayer is looking to take new heights never before seen in the FPS genre (insult maybe?). The one hint that we received was how the point system will work with kills.

    Considering what we've experienced with Killzone 2 and knowing that infinity ward is the type of developer that welcomes competition, we can expect something epic. COD4 was amazing and if they can manage that and more into the next COD, the game will be as innovative as the previous COD4 and as fun and addictive.

    This game looks to topple every other game trying to start a fight. Now we play the waiting game.

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    GZA1984 Guest
    I'm curious now. COD4 looked awesome for it's time and had an addictive MP as well. Besides that for the 1st time they used more modern weapons and technology, which I liked alot about COD4.

    Then Killzone 2 came, it surpassed COD4 in (almost) every espect. I wonder how MW2 will look like when it get's released. Will it surpass KZ2 visuals? I hope so, but I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't.

    Besides that It's nice they merged with Blizzard, because they're great. But Blizzard isn't exactly a company that stands out for it's visuals. More for it's gameplay and story-line, etc.

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