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    Starlight Guest

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Callsigns Exposed

    If you've ever considered yourself to be one of the great innovators of gameplay in first-person shooters, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 appears to have integrated a status system meant to reward you.

    Whether your strategy involves only killing your enemies with one specific weapon or sticking to getting your kills through a personally crafted routine, the team at Infinity Ward has implemented a new way to turn your eccentricities into badges of honor.

    To quote: "Another new thing that we added was the call sign," said Infinity Ward's lead multiplayer designer Todd Alderman Tuesday night.

    "You might have seen this in some of the videos that we've released. The call sign is another way to show off how cool you are, make yourself famous."

    During his feature presentation at Infinity Ward's grand unveiling for "Modern Warfare 2" multiplayer features, Alderman went over what call signs will mean, and how players will be able to obtain them.

    "You have an emblem, which is the symbol that you unlock, and you have a title, which is an image with some words," he explained. "The way you play is the more things you do, the more things you're going to unlock for that thing."

    The call signs will come from an evolving set of hundreds of distinctions that Infinity Ward plans on updating as its community engages "Modern Warfare 2" multiplayer gameplay. For more info, stay tuned for details directly from Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling on how call signs work into the bigger picture.

    What type of call sign do you think you should earn for your style of gameplay? What do you think of Infinity Ward's new ideas for "Modern Warfare 2" thus far? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

    When you do something cool in-game, these call signs pop up for everyone in the game.

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    mactheripper Guest


    I think that this concept is a very good idea. Its a refreshing new thing for the 1st person shooter genre. I hope I get a silent assassin rating or callsign like in hitman... lol.

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    ProSkillz21 Guest
    Its a good idea, but it won't really matter. The only part I see it helping in is identifying who called in the what so you know if it was your team, or if you better get the hell out of there fast. I haven't played MW, but I know that in WaW it can sometimes be a pain, not knowing what team called in the artillery, and whether its safe to run through it or not (Usually happens if you are watching killcam when A.strike called in and same with dogs).

    Anyways, I preordered the game last week, and now I can't wait for it to come out. Really looking forward to this and ACII.

    P.S. Also modern warfare 24/7 (its a website modernwarfare247.com, i think, but not sure google search it) is a great site with videos and plenty of other info as well.

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    JoL316 Guest
    I believe they added call signs to simply make players have a feel of accomplishment, it also may increase replay value. Aside from that, I believe that MW2 should make up for the slack (mostly the story) of CoDMW. The multiplayer trailer seemed really cool. I can see that the graphics are being enhanced and look better even though they are not fully finished polishing the game.

    I played better First-person shooters yet MW is still able to hold my attention and still remains a good buy. So lets just hope Infinity Ward steps up to the plate & delivers another great quality FPS.

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