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    labonte Guest

    Bushing Reports on Returning Modified Wii Consoles for Repair

    It seems that Nintendo is now charging almost to full price for a Nintendo Wii if you've installed unsigned code on the machine that resulted in a 'bricked' console.

    To quote Ben “Bushing” Byer: I've been asked whether installing the Homebrew Channel (or Twilight Hack or whatever) will void the warranty on a Wii. I've generally said something like "Technically, yes, but I doubt they will enforce that."

    This seemed reasonable, given some of the anecdotes I've heard - stories of people ruining their drives with a soldering iron and still getting free repair work done under warranty, etc. I've also said that if a Wii is bricked (and won't boot), then they have no way of actually checking to see what is installed on the Wii - and I still believe that to be true, at least most of the time.

    I'll be the first to admit that was wrong, given some recent evidence. My German's pretty bad, but I see ".... Softwarehack ... EUR 210?. That seems awfully excessive, given that the price of a new Wii is EUR 250, no?

    I would write this off as an isolated incident - maybe someone installed some truly awful warezloading hack. However, I was sent the following email through an anonymous remailer last month, and it would seem to support the invoice above:
    From: (deleted)
    Date: 2009/02/11
    Subject: Handling of modified Wii

    Dear Sirs,

    please be informed about the following change, it is effective from start of Februay on. Sory for my late notice as I have been sick. This change is confirmed by NOE President.

    Whenever you get a console for Repairs and find a Homebrew channel or any other not official Nintendo or unauthorized software (Backup Channel, Gecko OS, etc). on it, this repair is out of warranty. If the defect is related to the modication or not, is of no interest for us, anytime we find unauthorized software, it is out of warranty.

    The consumer needs to be informed about this and needs to agree that in case we repair the product he will lose this unauthorized content and get an updated Wii Product back. If the consumer do not agree, you shall not repair and send the product back.

    Legal is preparing the letter which you can send to the consumer. Please note the price will be higher for such a Repair as well, as soon as it is fixed. Approx 18O?-21O?, but please wait for our documents. For the current situaiton you can use a price of 120? for
    such kind of issues.

    We might change the warranty wording as well to make it more clear, even if the current one is enough. In addition yes we are aware of a small legal risk to be claimed on this in the court, but NOE more than willing to take the risk. We need to stop the Homebrew-Channel now.

    Additional to this we checked with NCL to get a better Check-Disc to make your work more efficient and easier. (deleted) will keep you udated on this. Please contact him as well if you need more discs of version 1, as EVERY Wii returned for repairs needs to be checked. Please note the Ver.1 is not as good as expected so manual check might be needed. (deleted) will share more info on this tomorrow.

    (deleted) will share more information about this topic at the coming DSi training and show you some samples, as we want to use this meeting opportunity even if it is not DSi related. Please let me know ifyou have further questions? Please inform your team members accordingly.

    Thanks a lot for your understanding and support.
    Best Regards
    (All typos and misspellings are quoted verbatim; the only edits are (deletions))

    This is unacceptable. I was under the impression that most out-of-warranty repairs were in the $75 - $100 range - and this email came with a note saying that the most expensive (common?) repair is to replace the drive for 90?.

    Should Nintendo have to pay to repair hacked Wiis under warranty? Maybe not, but they have no (moral) right to gouge customers out of spite for having the HBC installed. Feel free to share your comments below!

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    Rtrace Guest
    I have to say that this is looking to be some one messing with Bushing or trying to scare away home brewing. It could be that Nintendo sent this to Bushing in a desperate attempt to scare everyone. I mean I have had to send in my Wii already once for repair and that was yesterday and I got it back today with a $75 bill and a note saying that they upgraded citing "Unusual software" as the reason. I don't think NOA cares as long as it's not warez.

    Edit: I got it back so fast because I sent it to a Nintendo approved repair shop with in my area. So they did it for Nintendo using Nintendo's instructions and tools.
    Edit 2: And I pulled a dick move and downgraded it on them. XD

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    Scrapy Guest
    if its real i don't blame them really.

    after all they are thinking about all the money they are loosing from these hacks, and overcharging a person to repair a modded console imo is fair.

    when you think about it MOST people, id even go as far as 95% of people who use modchips, use them for 1 reason, and its not to play around with homebrew, its to save money on buying games for $100 each.. when they could get 10 games for the price of 1 original.

    and to people who say they only use it to backup games they currently own, some would be telling the truth, but not many.

    all the years ive personally known people who have psx/ps2/xbox/xbox360/gamecube with modchips installed, 100% of those people had copied games where they did not own the original... as for wii's, i know only 1 person who owns a wii, its my 13yo cousin... he never plays his wii tho, he plays his ps2.

    i guess what im trying to say is..

    if you mod your console, don't expect the manufacture to fix it for ya if you mess it up. and if they do decide to fix it for you, don't get pissed off when they overcharge you for the repair. chances are you saved $1000's on all those backups you have there anyway, if your one of those people

    i don't know about you guys, but i read manuals when i buy things, and ive also noticed a message in the manual of all my game systems saying NOT to attempt to mod the system, usually another line stating if you do, your warranty will be VOID.

    this post was not directed at any person.

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    idone Guest
    Ouch @ price gouging for having a soft mod.

    and double OUCH for them taking away your warranty for having it... I can see if it was directly related to the failure but say your laser dies or some other hardware fault >.<

    I think it is a bad move on there part. I'm glad to see that this info was published once it became known.

    funny thing though is from the looks of it they have authored a disc to check for softmods and state that it doesnt work well

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    caslad Guest
    so nintendo are saying if it breaks and we have modded it they will charge us almost what it costs for a new one all everyone will do is buy a pre owned one.

    looks like its still two fingers up at nintendo..

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    chaosdes342 Guest


    i read your link that you posted and it kinda seems like i could send it in but not sure if i should. since my wii is bricked to the point where you cant even load it to the press a to continue screen. i cant even use the Gamecube control method or bootmii.

    so idk how they would know that i have homebrew channel since they are gonna delete everything..

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    labonte Guest
    I think they have the utility's to find out what you have on your wii that is in the bios chip/nad that was previous installed by you. Even if it is bricked if you send it in and they say that the warranty is not valid and it's going to cost you the full price of a new wii just tell them to send it back.

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