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    willi211191 Guest

    burning a ps2 game... no ISO

    well... i downloaded a PS2 game and its 3.07GB... i was looking for the ISO file, but there isnt any! i only get this!:

    irxarc (a bin)
    SYSTEM (no extension)

    thats all i get! MAYBE i should just burn it all directly to a DVD?? please help me! its the first time i burn a PS2 game, so im a completely newbie at this! please help me!

    PS: if this is at the wrong place, then im sorry! im new here ^^

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    Starlight Guest
    Those are the game files, you could use a program like magiciso and take all the files and make a iso imsge file which you can just burn to a dvd.

    And willi211191 welcome to PS3NEWS.COM

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    willi211191 Guest
    well... i tried to burn them, and it worked... kinda...
    when i out the game on my ps2, i go to the "memory card" menu to see if the game was recognized.. it was (it said it was a PS2 game), then i select it, the screen goes black, and there it goes... its stuck there at the black screen...
    oh, btw, i used DVD Decrypter instead...

    Thanks Starlight!

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    Starlight Guest
    Does the playstation 2 boot screen appear when you load this game on the dvd?..kinda odd that a game comes in just game files to begin with as it usually in some kind of rar files which when unpacked and leaves a iso image file or other type of image file, not just the game files itself, but magiciso does work great for doing this with game files.

    Unless the game itself has a problem with some of the files, but if you check that SYSTEM file by opening it, you would have to make a new text document file in the same directory as the SYSTEM file and just open the text file up and then just drag that SYSTEM file into the text file and it will show what is in that SYSTEM file, as those kinda files you cannot just open the ordinary way.

    Once it is open see if it points to the SLUS_213.86 file as this is what starts the game and this SYSTEM file is the boot file which shows that playstation 2 screen on your tv, the SYSTEM file when opened should look something like this

    BOOT2 = cdrom0:\SLUS_213.86;1
    VER = 1.01

    Also can depend on what kind of dvd brand media you are using can cause black screen, but not saying this is the actual cause but it can lead to loading problems depending on the media brand.

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    HellsingVamp Guest
    thnx for advice, was having similiar issue

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