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    ionbladez Guest

    Burn2u Service - Your File Downloads Sent to You By Mail

    Hi guys, I can't stress it enough how excited I am to start my own business. Finally - I mean I bought everything I need and have full copyrights + patents.

    Anyways - Burn2u (linked above) is very simple and a great program for the people with slow Internet connections, or just don't want to waste space on their computer.

    What we do is simple: You send us your order form. You fill out your info. You give us 10 URLs, we download them for you, and burn them on the media type of your choice.

    That's right, CD/CD-RW/DVD+R/DVD-R/DVD+RW - Coming soon are flash drives and memory cards.

    We download the files you sent us and burn them to CD. We then send you an invoice via PayPal (more payment methods coming soon!) and once you've paid, we send you the CD/DVD(s) in the mail!

    It's a flat-rate price for unlimited orders. If you order 20 links, or 30, we use 3 to 10 cds for it, or dvds, it's still the same price for shipping!

    You get 3 free backups, just in case you break or damage a cd, you can request another by email.

    And, not only that - We send you AIM/MSN/YM alerts for your download progress. Be sure to check our terms page!

    I'm always updating my site for bugs/etc. You will probably not notice any changes but I am always editing it to make it just right.

    Note: all code, graphics, scripts, and everything, I made myself. Yes - Everything. So don't say I stole it from somewhere. I knew one day I would have to learn all these languages. But this is mostly simple stuff here - so the layout is simple. Just for the slow connections!.

    If you have a bandwidth cap, FORGET IT. Don't download a huge ISO and wait 2 weeks on dialup or have it fail over and over on DSL/CABLE.

    Let me know how I did guys. I paid just over $1200 to get this complete. I bought domain certification so no one can rip/copy me. Also patents so if ANYONE makes anything like mine, I will sue them for EVERYTHING they have.

    Easily. Patents are hard to get and copyrights are expensive. But oh well - It's done and if someone else tries it, they're done.

    BTW: It's not IE friendly, but I don't know what exactly I changed.. It will be fixed soon. Leave a comment on the Questions/comments page!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    As you are a Senior Member, I approved this on the main page for ya ionbladez.

    Although I'm sure those with fast/reliable Internet connections won't need this service, there are probably equally as many users out there who could benefit from something like this if their usage is capped or have slow connections.

    Good luck with your new business ionbladez!

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    ionbladez Guest

    Cool Alright then

    The Order number engine is working 100%.

    Now when you order, you receive an order number in a textbox after submitting.

    Be sure to save it, or I can easily look up and order from a date and time as well.

    Anyways, Thanks PS3News for approving it, I really do hope this will go far.
    A ton of people I know on my Yahoo Messenger list have been bugging me for months. (The original idea was probably 5 months ago, no sooner)..

    Anyways they can finally use it.
    I have 3 orders to fill already and have enough supplies.
    I could probably start my own shipping service with all this stuff (LOL No jk)..

    So, try us out, we don't disappoint!

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    red8316 Guest
    Congrats on starting your own business! I'm sure it's very exciting and you're a anxious for results. I'm about to debut my own local repair shop soon ... bunch of entrepreneurs around here lol.

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    Preceptor Guest
    Congratulations ionbladez, It's always a difficult thing to start our own business, so I wish you the best of luck. May you be successful in this and any other enterprise you may try.


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    ionbladez Guest
    I'm sorry it's not IE friendly guys.
    I've looked at my stats and have seen some users with IE 7 and 8.

    I know it sucks and I have been working on it for about an hour now and can't find exactly what is wrong.

    But I won't give up. Worst case scenario I will end up coding a whole new template just for IE and direct IE users to it.

    But thanks guys. I got 2 more orders to fill now, and I'm working on international orders as well soon.


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    ernvil Guest

    Thumbs Up

    Wow! Congrats dude.

    Let us know once you start shipping to Australia
    I'll certainly be a regular customer of yours considering that our bandwidth limits suck badly

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    ionbladez Guest
    Actually if you want you can just leave a note with your Australian address there.
    I made it possible so you won't have to actually fill in the State and regular address.

    Just as long as you have paypal I'm fine with it!

    Users can do that until I actually implement the foreign countries selector in the order sheet.

    Shipping to Australia would be around 6 or 7 dollars though, 6.30 if it's precise. (Calculated on USPS.com)!.

    Other than that, standard rates for CDs and DVDs.
    Fill out the order form and I'll be happy to get started!

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    ProSkillz21 Guest
    Not meaning to be a downer, and I'm not sure what the laws are like in the USA (I'm making assumption you live there), but won't you get in a load of trouble if you start downloading and selling/shipping pirated files?

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    ionbladez Guest
    Well - I guess no one knows how to read (Lol jk).

    There is a TERMS page for allowed and not allowed files.

    Also, I've updated the layout on the index page and tried to clean it up a bit.

    Check it out now and tell me what you guys think!

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