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    ProSkillz21 Guest
    Oh, Sorry. I didn't actually go to the site, I was just browsing and wondering.

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    ionbladez Guest


    Heh, right then.

    As for anyone that would like to see an order form (A FAKE ONE).
    This is an example of what I see on my order list for an individual order.

    First, after you Submit your order, you will see this:
    Thank you John, Your ORDER NUMBER is: (ORDER NUMBER HERE)
    Please record this number for future references and order status.
    If your information is valid you will receive an email and a statement for your purchase.
    Please note that you must pay with PayPal in order for us to produce your CD.
    You may go back to our homepage by clicking here (link back to news page.)

    Thank you for choosing burn2u - We download files to your house!
    This is the order line on my order table:

    [x] Doe, John 2:41:14 PM Sun, 4 Oct 2009 6680-7146-531-42
    And now here is the actual sheet I view on my end:

    Order number: 6680-7146-531-42
    First name: John
    Last name: Doe
    Email address:
    Phone #: (555)-555-1234
    Address Line 1: on the streets
    Address Line 2:
    State: Ohio
    Zip Code: 12345
    Payment Type: Paypal
    PayPal email:
    AIM: someguy_aim
    MSN: fakename_lol
    YM: notreal_dude
    Notes: Time to type some notes!
    Media Type: CD-R
    URL 1: http://text.com
    URL 2: http://torrentget.com/dl.php?file.torrent
    URL 3: ftp://www.thissite.com/folders/users/file.exe
    URL 4: http://sourceforge.com/projects/something/download
    URL 5: Click to paste link
    URL 6: Click to paste link
    URL 7: Click to paste link
    URL 8: Click to paste link
    URL 9: Click to paste link
    URL 10: Click to paste link

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    semitope Guest
    I had asked if you needed to hire someone to help with the site i'd be interested. No need to pay unless there is profit and I do good work. I am not in the US but I try to find ways of making some US currency for buying psn games etc

    Anyway, It would seem at first glance that the main need for the service would be to download what is considered illegal. Have your orders been legal and what kind of things do ppl ask to have downloaded? Just out of curiosity

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    ionbladez Guest
    Sure dude, just send me an email. my email is posted all over my site, and if you would like to get it fast just click one of the "Advertise Here" buttons.

    Just type what you'd like to do in the message and I'll be more than willing to supply you with anything you need.

    Thanks - And I don't have any orders for today yet!
    So if ANYONE would like to, please fill out the form - We don't say no to anyone. Just certain files, lol.

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    IonBladez - First off congrats again (I know i said so last night, but hey you've an actual thread now!)

    Secondly - re the IE problems, this is likely due to the fact that MS like to do things differently and they therefore break some/many of the HTML/CSS styling rules - I suspect you're using CSS? (If not, why not?!) but if you are there are somethings that just won't work properly in IE without a work around.

    For example, the ticker you have FIXED to the bottom of the browser (in FF anyway) will ALWAYS appear at the very bottom of your actual web page in IE because of the above - There are a number of sites out there with details on how to get around the IE BUGS - try googling for "CSS IE workarounds".
    P.s. MS being MS it also depends on the version of IE you're browsing with because they support some features in some versions, but not in others (they're nice like that!)

    To help you test the site from various browsers try this link - it's absolutely fantastic. Basically it will render your site in a large number of browsers and take screen captures of the site for you to view.

    Good luck and i hope the above helps you sort out the final issues.


    EDIT: I've submitted your page for you - check the results here: http://browsershots.org/http://www.burn2u.com/index.htm

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    ionbladez Guest
    Thanks a lot!.
    I've actually been working on my CSS with the validator for a long time. Before my site was up I was doing this completely offline.

    That's how I started it.

    But I'm still working and if I must, will make severe changes to my CSS to make it work.

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    xxLindenxx Guest
    wow, awesome job on starting your own business, I hope you will advertise your site more so that it will be successful.

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    gtxboyracer Guest
    Hey was it my comment that made you change the layout?

    I didn't mean to critize; its just my industry i work in (Software Design/Development) I work with Web Technologies day to day.

    If you want i can do a prototype mock-up of a web design for you; or even do it for you - no cost at all. I love to do freebies to show off some of my work. No catches at all.. (well apart from adding it to my port-folio LOL)

    Its completely up to you - so let me know if you would like that? i'll wait for your reply.

    Stephen (aka Gtxboyracer)

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    ionbladez Guest

    Smile Yeah, International orders up too now!

    Well I actually just checked the comments page now that you mention it (LOL).
    Ya, well I got sick of the navigation design for it, I thought maybe people wouldn't notice the top and bottom bars.
    So I moved it around a bit, and cleaned up the css some. Still doesn't look pretty on IE yet, but I'm hoping I'll fix that one soon.

    This layout was supposed to be of original design, not like a big (super fancy) or crowed layout.

    I have REALLY been busy on the ordering system.

    We now support INTERNATIONAL ORDERS (for the listed countries).
    More countries are sure to come soon, If I receive requests for those countries.
    But I hand-typed my entire site on NOTEPAD.
    Every little code was done on Windows Notepad. And that's no lie.

    In order to keep it flexible, I used notepad.
    The ordering form is now 100% usable.

    I have also implemented an ORDER STATUS script in PHP.
    The user puts in their order number and it directs them to their order page.

    I do note, that in fact it works 100%. But for now my download status system is NOT automatic. But alerts and email alerts ARE working.

    So ya, if you'd like to send me a template (well a screenshot) - I'd love to see how it looks.

    I'm right now still looking for help with this (Originally my friend Michael has lost interest up until 20 minutes ago).

    But I do state that everything is function AND WORKING as of this point.
    I will be adding an Order counter on the front page so people will be able to see how many orders have been Submitted and Complete.

    This is exactly what I'll use too:
    Welcome to burn2u!
    We have had XX orders,
    And XX of them are complete.
    I'll get right on this in a few minutes as well.

    I want this to be EASY to navigate not with tons of links.
    But as I said, if you would send me an email with a template *or screenshot of a template!* That'd be grand.

    E-Mail Removed... Please do NOT repost it in the Forum! -Admin

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    gtxboyracer Guest
    Okay, i have sent you an email.. BTW i like your *hint* to the original Hackers movie..

    ACiDBuRN (Acid at Burn anyway LOL)

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