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    OGroteKoning Guest

    Broadband speed test results

    In this thread you need to post your speed test results. Please give some detail so people can compare their results with yours.

    The basic info needed is as follow (but you can add more info if you want to):

    Connection type: e.g. USB 3G modem
    Service provider: e.g. Vodacom
    Other equipment: e.g. TP Link MR3420 wireless 3G router
    Download speed: e.g. 7.44 Mbps (can post in kbps too)
    Upload speed: e.g. 2.01 Mbps (can post in kbps too)
    Latency: e.g. 55 ms
    Test conducted date: e.g. 17h00 on 23 Aug 2011
    Country: e.g. South Africa

    I normally use speedtest.net. Lets see what results you get and let the comparing begin! You can also discuss results tips and tricks here.

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    Natepig Guest
    Connection type: Wireless
    Service provider: Be Broadband
    Other equipment: Thompson Speed Touch
    Download speed: 14.50 Mbps
    Upload speed: 0.94 Mbps
    Latency: 49 ms
    Test conducted date: 00h48 Bst 28/08/11
    Country: United Kingdom

    I would add that my Isp has no fair usage policy or traffic shaping/throttling of any kind.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Connection type: Wireless
    Service provider: Optus
    Download Speed: 11.50 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.85 Mbps
    Country: Australia

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    elser1 Guest
    Connection type: ethernet
    Service provider: TPG
    Other equipment: netgear DGN2000
    Download speed: 9224 kbps
    Upload speed: 849 kbps
    Latency: 87 ms
    Test conducted date: 13.50 28/08/11
    Country: AUSTRALIA
    i might add my internet is unlimited download.

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    shummyr Guest
    the pic says it all, theres no throttling or bandwidth limits but I just wish it was faster

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    Connection type: Wireless
    Service provider: Vodacom
    Download speed: 8.03 Mbps
    Upload speed: 2.32 Mbps
    Latency: 65 ms
    Test conducted date: 14h17, 24 Aug 2011
    Country: South Africa

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Should be DSL 16.000

    Connection type: Wireless (G-Standard)
    ISP: Versatel
    Date: 2011-09-03 23:19:53
    Download: 12777 Kbit/Sek
    Upload: 538 kbit/Sek
    Connection: 2878 Conn./Min.
    Ping Test: 21 ms
    Country: Germany

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    nila Guest
    It is a good information about internet speed... Like the same way , i check my internet speed everyday... both downloading & uploading speed through this site: scanmyspeed.com

    My speed test results are:

    upload speed:0.52 kbps
    download speed:1.96 kbps

    It has the best & accurate results for my internet speed test and i download it without flash or java or any other add on...

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    moja Guest
    .. so being a mod gets you some kind of bandwidth benefit package? j/k

    Hey, they have fast wireless internet coverage over in Europe? Is it through the phone carriers or dedicated companies? That's pretty neat - makes me even more upset at how slow things evolve here in the US.

    I am currently stuck with 3mbps since moving.

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