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    Starlight Guest

    Bilkent Tech to Make DVDs with 1,000 Times More Capacity

    The Bilkent University Nanotechnology Research Center (NANOTAM) has developed a new technology that enables DVDs to store more than a thousand times as much data as those currently on the market.

    Developed by Dr. Ekmel ÷zbay, the head of NANOTAM, and students ÷zgŁr Attila «akmak and Koray Ayd?n, the new nano-materials will pave the way for production of the next era of DVDs, which will be able to store thousands of movies on a single disc.

    The invention by the Turkish scientists was published in one of the most prestigious physics journals, the Physical Review Letters. Dr. ÷zbay said they focused their studies on concentrating rays on a point that covers as small a space as possible.

    "We have developed a new technology that enhances the number of rays passing through a small dot by thousands of times. With this technology more data will be stored on DVDs in a smaller area," he said.

    ÷zbay said a normal DVD has a maximum capacity of 50 to 100 gigabytes and that they will increase this by at least a thousand times. "We have created a magical material which enables rays to pass through a very small point," the NANOTAM head noted.

    The new technology permits a far smaller notch to be etched on the DVD surface with a wider wavelength. It is expected to offer a higher definition than the currently used advanced optical formats such as Blu-ray.

    Underlining that their study had implications for the global science arena after being published in the Physical Review Letters, ÷zbay said they have opened a new era in DVD technology. "We will be able to see new-age DVDs that can store a huge amount of data," he said, underlining that they expect to commence mass production with a local company; however, there isn't a company with such capabilities in Turkey yet.

    NANOTAM performs extended research in nano-science and nanotechnology. An interdisciplinary research environment which houses the nanotechnology- related research efforts in science and engineering faculties, NANOTAM serves all departments in both of the aforementioned faculties as well as other Turkish universities that request access to the center's facilities.

    The center has an area of 250 square meters dedicated to sub-micron lithography along with general purpose electrical and optical characterization measurements. It also has nanofabrication and characterization laboratories.

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    BigBlarg Guest
    Interesting news but... I've seen many like that since blu-ray and hd-dvd, many saying they will compete directly with the 2 formats, but I've never read anything about any of those later.

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    mrmiller24 Guest
    the factor that could kill the blu ray would be whether or not i can be played on the current standard dvd players, something like this happened with dvds before, but it couldnt be brought into the real world because of this.

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    CyanCaze Guest
    I'm confused now. If this DVD can play on a normal player how would it make it read it? I can almost give a 100% feedback that you will need a new DVD player to play this. All Optical disc formats in my opinion have the ability to become 1000X Greater then when they start. But it takes time money and technology. Hell when HVD is out they may be saying Blu-ray has a new disc which allows it to hold 293043GB of information on half a disc, but no one will care....

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    ollie1990 Guest
    This would be seriously cool if so.

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