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    elser1 Guest

    BF3 Beta early access code

    hey all just wondering if anyone has received there early access code for the battlefield 3 beta which starts on the 27th for early access from moh ltd edition or 29th for everyone else.. i haven't got my code yet but im waiting,hoping it will come.. how did the code come for you?

    anyone gonna try the beta? personally i'm dying of anticipation.. LOL only a few more hours i guess.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Well - really "early" - a full 48 hours before everyone else ... pathetic IMO - week or two in advance would be more apropriate taking in consideraion they've lured in people to buy another game to get this

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    elser1 Guest
    exactly homer.. its bs.. anyway its there now to get and i think anyone can get it right now.. i didn't need a code at all and its dloading right now.. just gotto ps store type battlefield 3 beta in the search download and play.. WOOOOOOT WOOOOT!!!!

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    chr15m Guest
    i received an invite through yahoo, stating - because i got m.o.h teir 1, i was invited exclusivley to play bf3 open beta. my brother (lives in different area to me,so we dont use the same router) on the otherhand didn't buy any game with an exclusive offer, and had downloaded it this mornin and was playing the game before me... i felt special for about ten mins, then r kid rang to tell me "hey bro - bf3`s up for download"... l.o.l

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    elser1 Guest
    i know.. that's bs..whats with the moh deal then.. LOL i'd rate the beta 4/10

    too many campers and its no where near as polished as i thought. i prefer bfbc 1 by a mile so far.. that's pretty disappointing to me.id like to see some vehicle action.. hopefully they will release a bit more so it be fixed before release..

    makes me wonder if i should even buy this game but ive preordered it.. grr i'd like to compare the ps3 beta to the pc version.. what do you all think of it so far?

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    xmms Guest
    can someone please post the PSN Store link of the BF3 Beta PKG?

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    LimeMario Guest
    I also am having trouble finding it.

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