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    Apr 2005

    Benq iXtreme Firmware v1.41 released!

    C4E has released a new build of his hacked firmware for the Benq VAD6038 Xbox 360 DVD drive. This new build includes a read sector fix and 8x firmware dashboard speed fix.

    Changelog from the ReadMe:
    (v1.41) Read Sector fix
    (v1.41) 8x firmware dashboard speed fix

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    ddp2006 Guest

    help in benq

    i flashed a benq firmware and i dont have any xbox360 games to try it, but it does not appear for me success or goes wrong.. it is write and i use firmware Benq iXtreme v1.41. it say when i flashed the 360:

    turn on the 360 you should get a good drive status 0x73 and erasing should begin automatically and all 4 banks are make ok and write message with a datasum: and write a number.

    this xbox360 is flashed ok, or have something wrong? please any one tell me and sorry for my bad english

    its write drive status 0x73 and erasing.. that ok, or the drive is broke?

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    Takavach Guest
    you must first test a game, if work your drive is flashed.

    but you must read firmware and before write you must erase.

    if you do not erase your drive is break and you must remove chip.

    Quote Originally Posted by ddp2006 View Post
    its write drive status 0x73 and erasing.. that ok, or the drive is broke?
    drive is not broke, but you must test a game.

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    ddp2006 Guest
    thanks, and i try gears of war and its working.

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