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    yoshi2509 Guest

    Red Face Banner Bricked Wii with Firmware 4.1E


    I have bricked my wii some years ago. I Installed a Channel with a bad Image so I canīt select any channels. I tried the Universal Unbrick Disc v4 and the Last Chance update disc v3 but both didnīt work.

    I have a Wiikey2 on my drive but i donīt know what iīve installed on my Wii. So I donīt know if i have ios249 or ios36.
    When i insert one of the discs (UUDv4 or LCUDv3) then the disc spins a few seconds and then it stops. I have to reboot the wii for reading new discs.

    I have no bootmii2 on the wii but i can start the rescue menu where i can see the Firmware in the bottom right corner.
    Have someone an Idea how to fix this Brick? If not its no problem. I just want to ubrick the wii to get my old savefiles ^^

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    cfwprophet Guest
    You need a custom system IOS to be able to use Hombrewed discs. Otherwise your only chance would be to use SSBB (US) to make use of the "smash stack exploit" and use it to unbrick your wii.But you will need a modchip wich is able to load DL disks.

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    yoshi2509 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post
    Otherwise your only chance would be to use SSBB (US) to make use of the "smash stack exploit" and use it to unbrick your wii.But you will need a modchip wich is able to load DL disks.
    I need a Modchip with the features:
    Region Free
    Dual Layer discs

    and no solderless Modchips (drive emus) because i have 3 of them (drivekey, flatmod and wode) an all dont work.

    Do you know which modchip i can use for this? i think thats my only chance.

    Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post
    You need a custom system IOS to be able to use Hombrewed discs.
    I donīt know if i have installed a custom ios. I had an old USB Loader on this wii. I think it is a USB loader made by waninkoko. This is the USB Loader i used: easy-share.com/1911346257/usb_loader.rar

    Do you know which cIOS this loader used and can i use this cIOS to boot Homebrewed discs (without trucha bug)?

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Normally it do not work in case of the system ios does not support DL discs (backups).There for you need a custom system ios to boot dlīs via the rescue menu.

    I have readed a post in the past about that there is a modchip out who can boot DLīs via RM but i have never tested it. If you would have installed my RescueMii-Core then you now would be able to boot DLīs via Rescue Menu.

    And only installing a custom ios does not do the job.You first need a custom SYSTEM ios to be able to boot Hombrewed discs via the Rescue Menu.

    Because if you insert a disc the drive read and send the data to the Wii and the Systemīs IOS will check the data and verify the signing.

    So at least even with a modchip there are a few things they need to be done from the consoles system ios (driver of your FW) such as check signing (as stated above) and maybe also handling of a DL disk.

    If your systems driver is not hacked so that the sys knows how to handl a Backup or a Backup from a DL disk you can not boot it without a modchip.But i dont know why most modchips have a problem with booting DLīs via Rescue Menu.

    Last chance is to try Original SSBB (US).

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    yoshi2509 Guest
    And for boot SSBB US i need a Modchip with autoboot and region free. I have an original Brawl US but i cant start it with my europe firmware. So i need a modchip with the features i said above. So which modchip should i use for it?

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    cfwprophet Guest
    The most modchips have autoboot and regionfree option.But you need to set this options in the Modchips settings menu.Otherwise it dont work.

    But about modchips im not so in because they cant do things like a custom driver it can and the cIOSīs are available for free on the web vs. the costs of a modchip.

    There for im not really interested in the Wii Modchips.

    But found this on the WEB for you:

    Especially the Flatmii Fusion works till FW 4.2 but not the Region patching.This only works till FW 4.1.But in your case its perfect.

    If you can not access the settings menu use a Wii of a frind or so to set the chip to autoboot and region patching.

    Good Luck

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    yoshi2509 Guest
    i've read that SSBB has a autoboot protection. Someone writes this in the wiihacks.com forum:

    Looks like SSBB was set to autoboot , this why it give you this error SSBB have autoboot protection.

    so maybe i have no chance to boot this game?

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    cfwprophet Guest
    That's BS i for my self have tested it because i have released the RescueMii-CORE with custom system ios including a DIP module which is capable of booting DL discs via the RM.


    I don't have a vid on youtube and i can't find my triewing screwdriver to open up my Wii that i can replace the SD Card module to be able to show you and proofe that you CAN autoboot SSBB.

    Beside that im working on a little PC Tool for the PS3 but when i have some time i will search the triewing and check the SD Card module of the Wii (its not correct placed) and then i make a vid and will show that it will work.

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    yoshi2509 Guest
    hmm but i i red correctly your post to the rescuemii-core v17 i need to install some custom ios and i don't know what cios installed on the wii. So i don't know if the rescuemii-core work on my wii.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    The RescueMii-CORE works on every Wii because the Drivers of the Wii (IOSīs) are Region Free.

    There for it doesnt matter if you have a PAL,NTSC,JAP or Korean Wii.One user here on PS3NEWS have stated that he successfully have unbricked his Korean Wii with my UUDv4

    You can install the RescueMii-CORE and it will NOT overwrite any other importend IOS.Only your System IOSīs will be overwriten.So you then can install FW 3.2,3.3,3.4,4.0,4.1 and 4.2 without the need to install the systems IOS.Only install the SysMenu.wad for the above called FWīs and your bricksave.DONT install IOS 30,50,60 and 70 this then would overwrite the RescueMii-CORE.

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