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    yoshi2509 Guest
    but how can i install it when i cant start the wad manager? You know i only have the rescue menu and no trucha bug installed on my 4.1E

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    cfwprophet Guest
    With a banner bricked Wii and without any security disposition your only chance really is SSBB and the smash stack exploit.No other way to fix this by your self.Maybe updating to orig fw 4.2 will help but im not sure about this.So first try to make use of the SSE from SSBB before updating and getting bothered with a error 003.

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    yoshi2509 Guest
    So we are at my first problem -.-

    I can't boot my original Brawl with drivekey, flatmod and Wode because i got the error, that i should insert the SSBB disc (autoboot protection?) Wiikey2 can boot it but not on this wii because wiikey2 cant autoboot.

    Then i tried to boot an image of SSBB from Hard disc with the WODE. US brawl wont start but PAL brawl -.- US Brawl get the same error as drivekey and flatmod. And when i try to boot brawl us with wiikey2 AND drivekey or flatmod or WODE (2 Modchips) then i got the error again that i shoul insert Brawl disc.

    I have to say that i just want to fix the bannerbrick to get my save files back. Is there a different way to get the save files or do i have to unbick the wii?

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    damex0r Guest


    have you tried the gamecube controller method. here is a video link.
    Apparently, the trick works by plugging the GameCube controller into port 4 and pressing down on all the D-pad buttons (Up + Left + Down + Right) while booting up your Wii. You will probably need to take your GameCube controller apart first so that you can press down on all directions. Check it out for yourself in the video embed below.

    also try bying a savemii dongle. i've used that before to unbrick a wii.

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    yoshi2509 Guest
    Yes, i get in this menu. But i don't know what i can do in this menu. I just can install a newer firmware and i can try to autoboot a disc. But autoboot don't work and i am a bit afraid to install 4.2E because then i know that i can't start Brawl US.

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