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    JeffJ Guest
    this is funny, because i do work for allot of large businesses (im a pc tech and networking/server specialist) and they all beg me to remove vista from all the PC's and install xp. so ive been getting fat payed ever since vista came out.

    i think including Vista on your work pc's will cause an employee backlash not the other way around.

    Ballmer is a dill weed anyways. I always get the impression he is pulling facts out of his ass every time he opens his pie hole.

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    devinbedari Guest

    Angry Bha!

    Threats...Wow. I must say I am not surprised.

    I'm sticking to XP. I hate Vista. I tried Windows 7 and I wasn't impressed.
    Yet I have XP and Vista, just in case.

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