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    wicked insanity Guest

    Assassin's Creed 2: Vive La Revolution!

    If recent rumors are to be believed, the next Assassin's Creed may indeed take place in 1700s France around the time of the French Revolution. And why not?

    We already know from the first game that in the future what we believe is a relative of the famous Altair is being probed for his 'genetic memories'.

    Apparently the future isn't interested in his relatives that were school teachers or pig farmers and are concentrating on those that were important instruments in history.

    The French Revolution was a huge historic period of upheaval where the notion of absolute rule by the monarchy and the aristocrats was turned on its head when the downtrodden, starving, smelly, diseased peasants, incited by the intellectuals and merchant class, revolt and start killing off their so-called betters.

    When they ran out of them, they followed by killing each other off too during the Reign of Terror. Of course the ideas of freedom, equality, and brotherhood were all dandy but repression was more fun. It was just that repression was now carried out by the lay-people, not just upper crust lords and ladies in wigs.

    The other monarchies of Europe felt threatened by the French Revolution and so attack. Napoleon fights them and wins. For awhile anyway.

    Enter Altair, or his relative. Mayhem everywhere by everyone. Again the question arises: who are the good guys fighting for long-term peace, and who are the manipulators making war to further their own agendas? Storm the Bastille and free the unjustly imprisoned!

    Kill off the warmongering nobles from the other nations. Kill off the backstabbing leaders of France who like the guillotine way too much to be healthy in the head! Assassinate all the enemies of peace! Vive La Revolution!

    Of course Paris back then was not the romantic Eiffel Towered city it is today. It was an overcrowded mess full of beggars to get in Altair's (or his relative's) way (didn't you love the pesky beggars in the first game?) and full of cut-throat gangs for you to kill off when they torment poor old women.

    You won't be able to climb the Eiffel Tower, but there is still Notre Dame Cathedral, which was desecrated during the Revolution in the 1790s, and the Bastille Castle, which was destroyed during the Revolution.

    Obviously there were guns then and not just swords which you might think would change the gameplay a bit. Those guns were only muskets and so would take awhile to reload. Very much like the archers in the first game, then.

    Cannons might complicate things, but climbing while they destroy the environment around you might be fun. I think this time period has a lot of potential. I really don't agree with those who think going to the East and doing a ninja theme is the way to go.

    We have had plenty of games that deal with samurais and ninjas. I also disagree heavily with going modern until maybe the third game. Even then I'd rather only part of it is done there. Some think it will be in the Mayan or Aztec period, which might be different.

    The Crusader sack of Constantinople due to Venice's manipulation might have been good. There you had the Crusaders all ready to recapture Jerusalem, only to get into debt with the Venetians who were to transport them there.

    The Venetians then force the Crusaders to pay off their debt by agreeing to sack the still Christian bastion of Constantinople (present day Istanbul). Lots of manipulators against peace there, plus two great cities in Venice and Constantinople.

    Just as unlikely but interesting would be going further back in time to Ancient Rome, Egypt, or Babylon.

    Assassin's Creed was an amazing technical achievement and if they can reproduce and expand on that in the second and concentrate on having an increased diversity of missions, the game should be a hit. That is If they choose the right time and place...

    Hopefully soon we will have a confirmed Assassin's Creed 2 location. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest


    The first one was a great game with an interesting plot line. I will admit though that I am glad I borrowed this game from a friend instead of buying/renting it. Every city seemed to be the same thing, over and over. Jump from building to building, take the guards out, objective runs, capture the objective.

    There wasn't really any replayability other than being able to kill pedestrians without being chastised. (Which I was already doing anyways ) And, there was no online feature.

    Hopefully, this next game will come to be more promising. Less monotonous possible with more extras after completing the game and possibly implementation of online multiplayer. I would say co-op but, Assassin's Creed is based on a single person and it would seem strange to add another character...

    I look forward to hearing more about this sequel.

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