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    Assassin's Creed 2 Game-Breaking Glitch is Being Reported

    Update: This has now been patched for PS3 users, and an update for XBox 360 fans is slated for December 11, 2009.

    This seems to be the weekend for reporting video game glitches, with this Assassin's Creed 2 game-breaking glitch and several Modern Warfare 2 glitches surfacing.

    According to CVG.com, some gamers found themselves stuck controlling Desmond in the Hideout after DNA Sequence 11, a direct result of shutting off their system after the game autosaved.

    When they later booted the game back up, they were unable to return to the Animus and continue Ezio's 15th century adventure. However, reports are mixed on whether this is affecting Xbox 360 or PS3 gamers, or both.

    To quote: "It doesn't seem to happen to everyone, but once it does occur there appears to be no way out of it other than to start over again.

    CVG has contacted Ubisoft and awaits a reply. For now, we'd advise you not to quit out of the game after that particular checkpoint."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    pumbacorolla Guest
    I dont think its happening to everyone cause I actually quit in that particular checkpoint.. what did happen was that during the game their was this tweak that it would make the game freeze it would start as a glitch and then freeze. that happened frequently after i updated my ps3 to 3.10 i would then have to shut down my system and restart to keep playing.

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    FrozenFear Guest


    It happend to me too but without game-break. Even when i enter the web browser on the ps3 sometimes it freezes and stop working! when i turn it off it beeps! then when i Turn it ON it Shows me a Reporting screen !

    I reported it 3 times!!! Sony should fix this Problem !

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    wilkinsonjohn99 Guest
    Really glad I didn't pre-order this, may as well wait for 2 months after release date of any game to wait for the patches to be released...
    wonder if they were already working on the patch when it was released to market??

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    raydan Guest
    hehe yeah that kinda sucks... actually this is a trend that came along with consoles having internet connection available. the devs don't care anymore if a game is final/bug-free as much as they did before and release beta versions as final games.

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    lilaznpimp Guest

    Assassin's Creed

    I just got assassin's creed 2 and its absolutely amazing!!! i haven't gotten that far but i hope the glitch doesn't happen to me...

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