For those who missed our review, the Argon 2 is a new 4th Generation Mod-chip for the Nintendo Wii console.

Today Argon 2 Firmware 1.8 and the Injectus Programmer is now available from!

Download: Argon 2 JTAG 1.8 Firmware & Injectus Programmer


UPDATE to support DMS/D2B/D2A consoles! Actel firmwares and Flash firmwares to program argon2 by INJECTUS JTAG programmer.

JTAG update is necessary only if there are new consoles on the market or if the Modchip for any reason is not programmed from factory.

If the ARGON2 is installed on a supported console is NOT necessary to use the PROGRAMMER for updates, ARGON2 is INTERNET and DVD updatable
Firmware version: 1.8

Changelog 1.8: Fixed support of DMS D2B D2A consoles on ARGON2.


1- Switch of INJECTUS need to be setup BOTH to "ON"
2- Injectus can program ARGON2 only if it is installed, to allow programm ARGON2 uninstalled you should do a little bridge on INJECTUS. A clear picture is attached on this ZIP file.

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