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    Confused Apple CEO Steve Jobs Resigns - Anyone happy or sad?

    Read today that Apple CEO Steve Jobs resigned: bloomberg.com/news/2011-08-24/apple-ceo-steve-jobs-resigns.html

    Is anyone happy or sad he's gone now?

    I guess I'm indifferent, but CJPC mentioned on IRC that he won't miss him at all. Others?

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    clementz Guest
    sad things, but apple must move on find a good new leader and inspirational.

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    CJPC Guest
    Yeah - I won't miss him. Don't get me wrong, he's a very smart and creative man. However, at what he's headed, namely the suing of everyone left and right, stealing of ideas, and the ridiculousness of their patents just makes me despise apple (and Steve Jobs, due to the whole CEO thing) even more. Let alone the fact that they everything they sell is horribly overpriced, and the masses gobble it up.

    As a consumer, I'm outraged at what they do - but (of course) if I were in his shoes (or any of us) we would all probably do the same!

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    NTA Guest
    His time has come...

    I don't like seeing the well known people step down but maybe this Tim Cook has some potential, especially with 13 years of experience with the company. Since Jobs wants in on the chairman position, I don't think he'll be to far away.

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    elser1 Guest
    i wonder if the apple stock will fall, like when they thought he was dead, or had cancer or whatever.. bad memory.. LOL
    i don't own or probably will never own apple product and don't really care anyways.. i prefer pc!!

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    He doesn't look as if he is not up to the task anymore. He certrainly put Apple where they are today (with a lil help from his "mafia" friends). Perhaps now that Android is taking a chunk out of their iPhone every day, he has decided to step down and work his way out of the sinking ship.

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    Natepig Guest
    Its a shame to see anyone sick with cancer like that. He probably would have died long ago if it wasn't for the money he has to buy the best treatment available.

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    DaedalusMinion Guest


    When he introduced the iPhone, Steve Jobs said they had patented the hell out of it, and rightly so. I'm sure that, of those patents, there are a lot that could be challenged in court. But there are many others, like the ones above, that can't be challenged because Apple actually invented them from scratch. Something like unlocking the screen by dragging an unlock image may seem trivial to you, but someone had to come up with the idea in the first place. And, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of little things like that that Apple put into the first iPhone that nobody thought about first.

    And those little things, that whole set of ideas and methods, is one of the reasons why the iPhone was a raging success. Love them or hate them, by inventing all these codes Apple implemented a new language that has quickly become embedded into our minds and lives. It's so good, so intuitive and natural, that we all have adopted it without even thinking about it. That includes Apple's rivals.

    Those rivals, like Google, Samsung, or HTC, just said "oh screw this, let's all do the same" and came up with devices that are mostly copies of what Apple put out in their first iPhone. Sure, they added some stuff of their own and sure, Apple's user interface has some aspects that are not original. But mostly the iPhone's competitors are clones that show no imagination, no better ways to do things.

    Because yes, there are better ways to do things. Or at least different ways. You only have to come up with them. Look no further than Microsoft Windows Phone 7. The vilified Redmond company actually had the imagination and the balls to make something different. And, in that process, they actually came up with better ideas than Apple's.

    That's good for everyone. It introduces diversity, new methods, evolution. That, as someone who loves brilliant technology, excites me. You should be excited too. And you should hope that Apple wins all these patent wars against the lame and lazy. Because that would mean they'll all have to do something new to beat Apple at their own game.

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    There is nothing wrong with improving on someone else's work DeadalusMinion or even manufacturing something that works and is similar to a good successful product. Competition was never bad, but imho, I reckon the patent periods are too long. The market could have seen a much better product already.

    The other manufacturers make very good products albeit based on the iPhone. Because they stick together with an open source operating system, Apple will be left behind if they don't come up with another spectacular idea. Look at us - we have PS3's and we are not satisfied with the way it works. So we change it - not by manufacturing another console, but by hacking the daylights out of it. These handset manufacturers are not into hacking so they go the other route.

    I concede that the iPhone was/is and will be brilliant for the future, but not everyone wants to be locked down with a single point for apps. Perhaps Apple will consider openng up their system so you dont have to have a single point of access to apps, but I doubt it. My wife has a iPhone 3G - she is over the moon with it and I don't blame her, but I will be looking at the Samsung Galaxy SII when I am due for an upgrade on my current sucking N97 (don't you just hate symbian?)

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    ^ Amen to that. I have a stupid N73, can you believe it? You can take the example of Nokia. Never moved forward, stuck on Symbian.

    Sure, it was cool when the first super-phones came out, N70, N73, N95 etc. People used to go over the moon when these devices launched. Were they market changers like the iPhone? No, but they brought something new to the field and that's why people embraced them so readily.

    Now if you want the best of both worlds, follow me. I have an iPad 2 and buying a Galaxy SII this week. iOS+Android=Awesomeness.

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