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    imtoodvs Guest

    Question Anyone want the Final Fantasy 14 Beta Download links?

    hey, i'm back with more free stuff.

    i have access to the Final Fantasy 14 pc beta, so if anyone wants to try the download link PM me ASAP or leave a message in the thread.

  2. #2
    XxAcidicDreamzx Guest

    Cool would love a link

    I would love to have the download link for FF14 beta

  3. #3
    imtoodvs Guest
    the link is constantly changing, i might just have to set up a link to the exe.

    try it for yourself : http://wdl.square-enix.com/otime/ffx...8427e&ext=.exe

  4. #4
    jd200 Guest


    this link not working http://wdl.square-enix.com/otime/ffxivsetup.exe?

    can you upload the exe or is it too big ?

  5. #5
    imtoodvs Guest
    i'll do it right now, just give me to get it uploaded.

    & fellas feel free to hit the rep button, cause you guys have me working now lmao.

  6. #6
    taladas20 Guest
    Me too i also want a link

    Do we not have to be subscribed though to log in?

  7. #7
    imtoodvs Guest

  8. #8
    taladas20 Guest
    Do we need some sort of prior subscription/login/key to use this?

  9. #9
    The 69th Floor Guest

    You are awesome!

    Thank you so much for the files! Downloading version update files right now...

    And yes, very much +rep for you!

  10. #10
    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Thanks! Anyone got this working on Windows 7?

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