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    Starlight Guest

    Age Of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Review

    So, the time has come and the gates of Hyboria have been opened. This review is going to cover the first 20 levels of the Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures from the time you are ship wrecked on the island until you leave to adventure the true game.

    First, AoC (Age of Conan) is the first game that I have played where you are able to create your character in detail. Although most mmorpgs have basic customization, your character in Conan is completely customizable from head to toe. Most of this you already know so let me get to the break down of the game itself.

    AoC has to have one of the best starting off game play for a mmorpg I have played in a long time. Right off the bat you are fighting Picman and Savengers, not animals that slow down the game and make it repetitive. You level up fast through the first couple of levels and get some pretty decent attacks.

    There are a couple of different classes that will suit different people and each class can be customized to your liking. No one character in AoC will ever look the same and fight in the same style because the game play is in such a fast paced environment and the leveling system is very open-ended.

    One thing that really stands out in the game to me is the fighting. No more auto-attack!!! You have to swing your sword, pole arm, shield, and staff. This part of the game really keeps you on your toes each second of the game. There are now combo attacks instead of the automated special attacks. You acutally have to perform the attack by hitting the right buttions to complete the action. With certain attacks you are able to push back enemies and make a break for it.

    This action comes in handy when you are getting attacked by several guys. One more thing about the fighting; If a combo is performed at the right time, you will be able to do a fatality to your opponent. When I first witnessed the act, I thought it was the cool how they pushed the envelope even more in MMOs. Take a look at a before and after screen capture of the event at the botton of this article.

    Let's not forget about the PvP. Let me say this. In this game you are no longer safe from anyone. PvP is in most areas now. If you are not careful, you will get jumped by a guild or a team of people. I would have to say that is one thing so far that has bugged me about the game. In the middle of a quest you can get jumped by people and mess every thing up. But in this way, AoC stands out most from other mmorpgs.

    Now the storyline. I would have to say I think that the storyline made the first 20 levels really intresting. Each type of chacater has its own storyline when playing the single player. I believe this to be a good thing because it makes the idea of re-roleing a new character not as boring. They seperated the multiplayer and single player by having multiplayer during the day and all the single player missions at night.

    When playing the single player you are not able to team up with any one and you are the only person in the area. The game feels like playing normal game for once with the choice of playing with other people. Single player also makes leveling up faster because of the quests and its not all grinding out levels.

    So, all and all, I believe Age of Conan deserves a 4 out 5 for its unique game play and interactive story that draws you in to the world of Conan.

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    goshan Guest
    okish review but i just wanted to add that the pvp part of the game is actually incredibly annoying at times (more often than not) so be warned

    example: i have been attacked by my ''group''mate twice now (not to mention the times someone runs up to you and starts bashing and then only offers a ''i thought u were the boss'' reply.

    oh well, its fun but be sure not to roll a caster.

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    painkiller10 Guest
    I am a long term WoW player and I have to say this may be the game to finally get me off WoW

    Is there a trial?

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