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    Ruck1707 Guest

    Piracy Detective

    My friend who bought a burned copy of this game for his modded X-Box just told me that his friend that sold it to him just got his X-Box GamerTag Blacklisted for playing the pirated CoD:MW2 I was told he didn't play it online either to get blacklisted. Apparently he jumped online for madden an when his X-Box connected to the internet I think all his Trophies or whatver X-Box users get for playing the game showed up and he got blacklisted! Beware!!!


    PlAyStAtIoN 4 LiFe!

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    semitope Guest
    Playing any game before launch will definitely flag your console. Someone has said on another forum that they sometimes have a whitelist of persons who have been sent the game and if anyone not on that list is shown to have played it, you are flagged. Its easy to record your offline activities on the console and then update that information to the live servers once you go online.

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    kenshin33 Guest
    making profit of other people's work is indeed a shame and a crime no doubt about it. What I was trying to say I guess is be careful of what you wish for with "and I hope the law starts to change so more pirates are easier to catch and persecute." as it might come true. Google ACTA and copyright ...

    plus pirating may be a big problem but it is no more a reason to cut corners that corporate greed. (just check the salary of top executives of the major publisher without the end of year bonus, IMHO if there is corner cutting to be done they should start with that).

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    MexN00B Guest

    Thumbs Down

    He should have never tried to make a profit out of pirating.. It never works out well.

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    natemus1 Guest
    Stealing and the act to try and steal are both held resposible to the same crime. If I were to punch someone in the face, Id be charged with assult, BUT if I "try" and miss, I could be held reliable of the same charge if found on mensa-rea/actus-rea (intent of thought and actions).

    So when they say he was going to sell thousands, and I were the judge, the intent would be how many copies of this game he had and how many people confess to his purchese and many other reasons.

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    TJizzle Guest
    They made it seem like he's a drug lord..

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    virtualleader Guest
    Yea that is plain theft... so is piracy but to be honest they basically told everyone to pirate it with teh whole screwing over PC Gamers... yes im a PC gamer but I also bought the game in hopes of dedi servers SOMEDAY.

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