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    SamehSpiky Guest

    Question 79001a supported chipmod

    i want to know about the recommended chipmod to work with the new slim 79001a console, and i want to know if it is available to play online through the non-original backup cds through a chipmod or not.


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    bootlegninja Guest
    The only one I know to work on a SCPH-79001 and be able to pass DNAS checks would be a Crystal Chip 2.0. I suggest doing a search on where to obtain that chip since I'm not sure on where to get unless its in the North American region.

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    SamehSpiky Guest
    thx for ur reply, but what about the chipmod pro ?

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    bootlegninja Guest
    To my knowledge, that is a matrix infinity clone. And MI chips will not pass DNAS checks. The was only one other known chip that could pass the checks but I can't remember if it was Ghost, Ghost2, Messiah, or Messiah 2.

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    SamehSpiky Guest
    then the Crystal Chip 2.0 is the best choice for my console, right?

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