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    Starlight Guest

    13 Videogames being made into Films

    We've been through the production lists of Hollywood again, and uncovered a wealth of console and computer games coming to the big screen....

    Yesterday, we dug up 38 old films that are currently in the process of being remade. Today? Here are thirteen computer games coming to the big screen...

    The huge online role playing game is currently in the hands of writer Michael '300' Gordon, who is penning a screenplay for a potential 2010 film.

    Max Payne
    Personally, I love the Max Payne games, and consider it a blight on the face of gamers everywhere that they weren't more popular. But they're very movie friendly, and that's why filming has now commenced on a movie that may yet re-start the gaming franchise, too. Mark Wahlberg is starring, and John Moore (not the one who writes for us, rather the one who remade The Omen) is directing.

    Kane & Lynch
    Eidos's 2007 game seemed to be made with the big screen in mind, and thus Lionsgate has picked up the tale of two Death Row inmates on the run. Jieho Lee is in negotiations to direct the film, which could move into production this year.

    Gears of War
    Underworld and Die Hard 4.0 director Len Wiseman is being linked with a live action version of Microsoft's Xbox 360 hit game. Stuart Beattie is currently writing a screenplay (his credits include Pirates of the Caribbean, Collateral and the upcoming Spy Hunter). It's still in the early stages of production, though.

    Spy Hunter
    Talking of Spy Hunter, the classic 80s arcade game (which re-emerged reasonably recently) is also being scribed by Stuart Beattie for the big screen treatment. Paul W S Anderson is down to direct the film, which is still at the writing stage.

    Peter Jackson was linked to the project once upon a time, and Alex Garland has been working on a script. Yet the whole project seemed to hit the buffers last year, and thus far, there's little sign of it coming back to life. Proposed director Neill Bloomkamp stated that he though the project was dead last Autumn, and he could well be right...

    Prince of Persia Sands Of Time
    Brit director Mike Newell has signed on the dotted line for the big screen Prince Of Persia outing, which has original creator Jordan Mechner involved in the script. Jerry Bruckheimer is producing, and the film is now in pre-production. Cast is yet to be confirmed, but it'll be on the screen next year.

    Splinter Cell
    A film based on the Tom Clancy-branded stealth/action game is in the early negotiations stage right now. That's make a finished product some way away...

    Mortal Kombat
    Another film in one of the more successful videogame franchises, this one has Christopher Lambert rumoured to be attached, but no script so far. Doesn't usually stop them where game-to-film adaptations are concerned...

    Metal Gear Solid
    The game that pretty much popularised the stealth genre in games is coming to cinema screens, possibly as early as next year. Michael De Luca - who also has Ghost Rider on his CV - is producing, but no cast or director details yet.

    Devil May Cry
    Capcom has apparently signalled its attention for a film to be made around another one of its popular franchises (after Resident Evil), and while little else is known about the Devil May Cry movie project, 2010 has been pencilled in for its release.

    Rainbow Six
    John Woo is producing, but seemingly not directing, a movie adaptation of another Tom Clancy-branded videogame franchise. Rainbow Six is a bit more action packed, mind. Zach Snyder was attached, but apparently isn't any more.

    Broken Sword: The Shadow Of The Templars
    The adventure game series is ripe for a film, and so one is being written right about now. Charles Cecil - who created the series - is attached as Executive Producer, and a 2009 released is planned.

    Bah. No sign of Manic Miner: The Movie, then...

    Max Payne: coming to the big screen imminently...

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    rawk0r Guest
    Even though most "Game gone Movie" films end up flopping, I still always go to see them all. I think Mortal Combat was one of the few that got it right

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    aviator Guest
    I thought they already did a spyhunter movie but I cant find anything on it...

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    federici Guest
    Gears of War? That's bullcrap! That game in itself was a failure. Tps's (Third Person Shooters) are too complicated and confusing. Besides that, pressing the A button can make you do basically anything in the game. Hide, run, jump, squat.

    The rest are good games for the most part. My only criticism other that GoW is a few additions that I believe would be successful:

    -Quake (Particularly the 3rd game, which had a great storyline. I mean, look, Doom was more of a horror game, and it was mildly successful.)

    -Diablo (The series has one of the coolest Heaven vs. Hell plots ever. Period. Obviously, it would be more about the storyline and less about the killing monsters, finding gold, leveling up aspect.)

    -F.E.A.R. (The scariest game known to man. Hell, the movie industry could record a gamer playing the game, and have millions of people crap themselves. The making of this game would be similar to that of 'Stay Alive', yet with non-stop pants-pissing.)

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    eprom Guest
    yeah GOW for movie will be very boring, i would prefer manhunt...

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    Moester Guest
    Not to mention Hitman, I know it's already out

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    Aneldefogo Guest
    i will prefer COD.. a good war film like saving private ryan

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    justmono Guest
    im am sooo waiting for maxpayne & splinter cell. shoot em up and that other movie (forgot the name) were riding on the max payne wave but didnt come even close.

    MGS should be fun to watch as well.

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    kanel10 Guest
    I can't wait for Halo ^^ I'll hope it will be good

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    yamezbond Guest
    Resident Evil was not an exemption, it was a good game then a good movie.

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