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    Apr 2005

    [+1 QP] Add a Public Album & Win!

    Update as of 12/26/2008: Due to the lack of interest, this has been [CLOSED] unfortunately... those who did enter got +Rep though!

    Update: Contest extended due to a lack of participants, the new deadline is detailed below!

    For over a month now we've had a picture slideshow on the Forum, and have added a NOTICE to Registered Users (2+ Posts) accounts on how to add pictures to our Forum slideshow.

    Beyond a few Staffers and 'regulars' adding pics, not many have participated and so this will hopefully be incentive to get others to Add a Public Album.

    So what do you win? It will be the single winner's choice of either a 1 Year Premium Membership or $20 in cash (you must have a PayPal account if you choose this).

    Not super prizes I know, but all we're asking you to do is the following (takes under 5 minutes total):

    1) Add a Public Album (make sure it's PUBLIC)
    2) Find at least (1) picture of anything interesting (such as the pictures you see in our Forum slideshow) that is not of 'adult' nature and add it to your Album
    3) Those who enter will receive a +Rep by me (equals 50 Rep Points!)

    Note: If you already have a Public Album with at least (1) picture, you can skip right to Step 3!

    On [CLOSED] I will announce the winner from those who reply here randomly, close the thread, and notify them via their registration e-mail address so they can claim their prize.

    If less than 20 users post their link below by the deadline, on the day/time above I will instead announce a suitable extension day... for example, if we are only 2 users away it will be a few days, but if we are 15 users away still then it may be another week or two.

    Finally, here is an example of what I expect to see for replies to this thread:

    My Album: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/album.php?albumid=1

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    idone Guest
    HERE ya'll go: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/album.php?albumid=9

    Have a look-see.

    Is good it now auto sizes them. i remember trying before and it said my pics were too large if i remember correct. So it is nice that it did it automatically.

    Will add more overtime.

    Check out our cat!!!

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    gladi8r Guest
    Not really PS3 related (yet)
    but damn cute.


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    Apr 2005
    Haha.. yep indeed, and +Rep!

    FYI to any others who may read this thread and consider doing one... the albums don't have to be PS3-related at all, nor do they have to be more than (1) picture. They can be pics of other consoles, a logo you like, pets, art/background, a sports car, whatever you consider interesting!

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    abung Guest

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    frags Guest
    Here some vacation shots i liked and some pics of my pups.


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    Apr 2005
    Only (4) entries thus far, although we haven't done a Site News post on the contest either. As mentioned above, if we don't reach the (20) minimum required today, I will post again at midnight a suitable extension date to allow more users time to enter.

    Thanks to all who have entered thus far, and +Reps!

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    Pziko Guest

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    Apr 2005
    Nice Pziko and +Rep!

    Well, it's close enough to the midnight deadline now... so since we only have (5) entries thus far I will have to extend the contest deadline another week in hopes to get at least 15 participants more as mentioned above.

    Update as of 12/26/2008: Due to the lack of interest, this has been [CLOSED] unfortunately... those who did enter got +Rep though!

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