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    Quote Originally Posted by DigiMax View Post
    the NAND patcher was very useful in walking back my f/w from 2.42 to 1.50 to be used in a multi-boot machine (OEM v2.60 and Modded v1.50 presently on the mainboard) at the flick of a switch. as for the details of how I managed to do it, I'll be keeping that a secret until this site reveals its user base and I see who's lurking and who the resident hackers are, and who are just here regurgitating what other real hackers post on the message boards.
    We are pretty friendly here... the resident PS3 Devs are listed HERE also.

    Finally, are you referring to an Infectus Mod or a custom method you did yourself?

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    A complete new mod that has 0 involvement with the infectus.

    The infectus could have been used to program the chips but thats just not my style, I prefer the direct approach, and use my own TSOP/WSOP flash programmer that I designed for reading FTA STB f/w that the codewriters didn't want anyone to know and tried to make it nearly impossible for the home user and other codewriters for competing products to read.

    Quote Originally Posted by iamsamtheman22 View Post
    hi everyone, i 'am a noob and i just bought my first ps3, the 160gb version. How come mine only came with 2 usb ports and my brothers came with 4 ?
    Your 160 is a strip-down model with fewer USB, most likely no Flash memory readers, and no ps2emu. your brothers has 4 USB, most likely still has the flash memory readers under the panel to the left of the DVD bay, and has ps2emu support. the machines are no different by means of BD, DVD, CD, PS3 and PSX compatibility but compromises the ps2emu and the extra memory readers on-board.

    As of yet, theres nothing you can do about the ps2emu or lesser USB slots, but as for the flash memory readers, you can plug in nearly any aftermarket reader from a PC and it will detect it. also, you may be able to use USB hubs (never tried 'em) if you really need more slots for devices.
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    im new here, as well nice to meet you all!

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    i there my name is carlos (djpintado) i ave a 40gb ps3 but i put a 80 gb hd i play in 42 lg lcd.

    i'm from portugal - lisbon

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    hi people... im new too lol

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    hello all ! hope to read a lot of ps3 goodness

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    Hey everyone, i'm new to these forums and this is my first post. I have a luanch 60GB PS3 and i love fighters... hail everyone... STF4 FTW!!

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    Hello all I am here (and greets everyone warmly)

    New here, just figured I'd post to say hello! I enjoy playin Warhawk and building things in Little Big Planet. I also love drums! All I can come up with for now!

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    Hi Folks! Newbie here.

    My name's Mike

    I posted an article on Pioneer before I posted here. Will it still post?
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    Hi @ all, newbie also..

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