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    New here

    Hi guys am new here,

    this site seems to have alot to offer to ps3 lovers like me.

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    Feb 2009


    Hello everyone. i am new here and i hope i can find many tips for my ps3.

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    Newbie here

    Hello everyone, I'm also a new user! My name is Derek and I'm from PA in the US. I've been having some serious issues with my PS3 lately and didn't know what to do short of sending it back to Sony.

    Several months ago, after I bought Fallout 3, I started noticing that the games were having issues with loading when I put them in. I had to eject and reinsert the discs several times before they would work !!!

    Well, the problem got progressively worse for many days, but I had no issues with DVD movies or even Blu Ray movies. Eventually though, everything stopped loading, but I can still play my downloaded games and access things via external hard drives and flash drives.

    I took it apart and could not disassemble the blu ray player to see if the lens needed clean or see if the inside was excessively dirty.

    If anyone has any suggestions or have run into this situation and fixed it by themselves... I would really really appreciate the help!!!!

    Anyway, I'm going to try and get the hang of this stuff now, but please reply back and let me know. Bye everyone!!!

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    new here.. nice to see a brewing community about PS3 mods.

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    Jan 2009

    hello hello

    hey everyone whats up add me on your friends list my psn is... boob4me... see ya online!!

    ps. this site rules, it has all the up to date inside info on the ps3 scene really great work. some stuff is fairly hard to follow if you are a noob.

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    Feb 2009
    Also new here.

    Glad to see this resource is available.

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    hello everyone, new also !!

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    Yet another newbie, hi all!

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    noob here! hope to learn a lot from the site.

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    Feb 2009
    hello, im a new user too.. i love your board :-)

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