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    hi everyone i'm richie, i'm from the usa and im on here with a soul mission to back up my ps3 games and stay in the loop with new tech and proggies these days.

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    Hey new guy here, but anyways this place seems rather cool and filled with information. Just want someone to sum it all up for me.

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    hi there i'm from Portugal.

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    hello all, this site seems to have some great updated information. Can't wait to get into it all and read all the great threads

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    Nice to see this group. I've read messages for some time, but now I need hardware help with an old PS3 and posting enough quality messages to PM is the way to get it. I've got more experience with the 360 world, but I still have fond memories of the PS3.

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    hello guys, i'm kenny im from the uk and i love gaming, i have joined the site to get as much info as possible and to have a good chat about gaming with other members.


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    Apr 2010
    Hey all, I've been lurking here since GH 3.55. I signed sometime after that.

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    Aug 2013
    hi everyone i'm from portugal, im new here and i hope i meet some coll ppl here and we play together soon. cheers

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    Aug 2013
    Hello all,

    I am from San Francisco. Just bought my first PS3 yesterday

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    Aug 2013
    Hello all

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