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    Welcome to friendly site

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    You were promoted from Contributor to Junior Member status is why hehe... next comes Member and then Sr Member. Rock on!
    SWEET!!! Woohoooo... First... Promotion....Ever. Yayyy

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    I'm new too. Hello everyone~

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    Hello from the UK. I help moderate another PS3 site but am looking for some help with some old PS2 saves. Good community you seem to have here

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    Hi. I'm gonna have my own PS3 soon so I guess I will stick here for a while

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    Greetings Earthlings or maybe Hello World. Either way, just upgraded my 3.55 cfw to 4.41 Rebug. Last of Us is playing nicely. I've been browsing these forums for a long long time. Haven't really had any questions they usually get answered from the many hours I spend browsing the forum.

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    Hello I own a ps3 and a ps2 and a vita

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    New around here

    Just wanted to say hi and look forward to chatting and lots of R&D to get my slim up and converted. Cheers!

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    I'm also new, hope to get used to all of these things

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