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    Hi all,

    I'm new here. Don't have any PS3 yet but I've started coding for the PSP. So I guess I'm here for the dev section.

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    Jan 2009

    wats up guys

    hey i am new to the forms i love to hack ps3 systems

    and i love music and yes i am a dj

    i am going to become a pro i am sponsor by dj tiesto rite now

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    Another Newbie joins

    Hi I'm a newbie gamer ... with fav being motorstorm.. i used ps3 as a bluray player also..

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    Jan 2009
    new here too.. hi all.

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    Jan 2009

    new here!

    new here! a jeni mir krejt!

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    Jan 2009


    hi to all, new also

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    PS3: heaven and hell

    This is my first post and i think the best way to introduce myself is by explaining why i came here.

    My console disc reader died two days ago and the guys at sony service told me to pay them 250 bucks to replace/fix my console, so i told them to visit hell sometime soon and started to seek information about new ways to solve my problem.

    Im almost certain about the fact that my disc reader is working because i managed to make it run by turning on and off the console various times, i think there's something wrong with the new firmware, anyway, my mission is clear now, i want to learn how to fix my console.

    Any help or comments will be greatly appreciated. seeya.

    Blak Maskara

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    Hello to all, I am a newbie too!

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    New user here, from sunny (yeah, right) Nova Scotia.

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    i joined a long time ago and never thought i'd be posting, but i'm giving it a try.
    It's 3:17AM here in Southern Cali, have a nice rest of your days.

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