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    Jun 2013

    Hi everyone new here

    Hi new here but not new the the modding scene, I have a first gen 20 gig ps3, has not been online in well over three or more years, please point me in the right direction and help might be needed, again thank looking forward to learning the ropes on my PS3 fat.

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    Hi all, i'm registered 2 years ago and don't write nothing until now

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    hi all, i registered this site today

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    Hi, fappefras here. Have been lurking around here for years, but finally decided to try and register again.

    Using a dongle now, but looking into using a cfw instead.

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    Hi All, nubie here on Rogero

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    Hi, looking forward to jb my 4.41 OFW unit... Max downgrade possible is 3.40

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    Cool hello


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    Hello there, came here for a solution for my AC3 glitch that prevents players to get a legit Platinum Trophy. Catalin is my name and I am from Romania

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    Feb 2006
    Hello everyone. Looking for a way to unbrick slim ps3 from bad flash. Getting no video from all sources.

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    hello to all i am of course new to the site and i am admittedly very green to ps3 jailbreaking and downgrading though ps3 is on its way out to make room for ps4 I still wanted to get in to it before the next gen.

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