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    Avid user of Ps3, I remember the first thing I did with my iphone 3, was install an android app on it so I could initially get a cfw on my ps3. Wonder how it's done now?

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    Welcome to PS3News. Enjoy your stay

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    Well Hello. I am Hyper. I got my PS3 back from Racer a while a go and look forward now to modding it... if I don't mess up

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    Hi I'm Tom Long from the UK just done my first downgrade and de-hash from the latest firmware to 3.55OFW then to CFW.

    used to be into ps3 jailbreaking quite a bit when KMEAW first come out but lost interest and sold my modded console and regretted it and had to wait till I had enough money to downgrade my current console.

    also have a separate console for on-line as I believe in buying games you like to support the developers.

    Thanks for reading

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    Hi, new here and just thought I should ask if my name is ok. I've had confusion on other websites of people thinking I'm a moderator when I wasn't and being asked to change it.

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    Hello World!

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    Sup all i'm tim. From kc/mo. 25. Love the ps3 dont know a lot about modding but really wanting to learn what is out there thats possible. Any tips or anything greatly appreciated. And thnx for havin me

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    What's up guys my name is Bert. 31/m/Wisconsin. I look forward to getting more involved with the users here.

    Quick noob question here I am trying to get ahold of racer0018 I have noticed i cannot msg him. No option's to send pm's or anything. Will I be able to send msg's when I go premium?

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    Yes, or just meet the criteria for being promoted to a Contributor class user as outlined in #4 here:

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    Good evening my fellow PS3er's! I'm glad that this is the first post I'll be making in order to contact racer so he can downgrade my ps3 and I can enjoy the beautiful sought after 3.55 Jailbreak. I have no experience with soldering whatsoever but I have fixed far too many YLOD's even though I enjoy doing it.

    If you're looking to do it yourself screw that arctic silver garbage from radio shack and buy some tuniq tx-2 from new egg. That helps all my consoles that I've fixed live long and prosper.

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