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    Hi! Look for ps3 news. I'm from Portugal

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    Hi ! I'm new here, pull up !

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    Hi, I'm new..

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    Hiya from Belgium!

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    Greetings from Indonesia

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    Hi, I'm new too

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    Just registered, hi people

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    Hello guys, i'm new here!

    Actually i dont have a ps3 myself, just a PS2... But I already played the console many times, and know a good variety of games, and entered the commmunity to help my brother in law with some hacking, so we can play together.

    Anyway, sorry if I bothered you guys with my bad english, I'm Brazilian and learned the language by myself.

    See ya!

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    May 2013
    hallo everyone i'm new here.. nice to meet you all

    how can i download and install hack for ps3 here.. anyone please?
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    Hello All, I have just joined ps3news. I have Hacked PS3 with cfw 4.40 rogero installed and I am looking forward for some homebrew apps and news.

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