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    hi i am new to this things and i hapo to learn more about get the best experience with ps3

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    I've been lurking around the PS3homebrew/jailbreak scene for a while and now I decided to start being more active. The forums seems serious enough, so I says "what the heck, why not join". So I did.

    I've got a PS3 CECHG03 fat 40gig with OFW 3.60, and I'm trying to learn how to flash it myself. Hopefully I'll get some help here.

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    Hi all!

    I'm a total PS3 n00bie but I hope to learn a lot from the bright folks up here. I have the old 60GB PS3 with a 500GB drive in it. I wanted the older model for its backward-compatibility with some of the old PS2 games.

    I'll be around when I can and will post when I have something useful to add to the conversation. Take care!


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    Hello to everyone. I'm new here. I'm known as MasamuneMarth. I like video games and anime. I'm a very nice person and like to make new friends.

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    Hey there guys just joined up. Im looking to get my ps3 hacked liked i've just done to my wii in the last few weeks, saves time and money

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    Oct 2009
    hi nice to be here.

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    May 2013
    Hi all , just joined... can't wait to get help with my ps3

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    hey everyone my name is Jorge and I was just able to afford my first ps3, yeah yeah college poor reporting in.

    All I can say is that I am excited to be here and I cant wait to start learning as much as I can about my newly purchased console.
    Also I think forcing the users to write an intro is pretty retarded, cool maybe, but extremely unnecessary. Oh well your forum your rules.

    Let's all get along!

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    Hi, new here. Just purchased Kessen III (Vintage) and stumbled across this site while looking for a way to get Samurai Warriors and Samurai Warriors XL game saves to my PS3 for the extra characters. Here's hoping!!

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    May 2013
    hello i'm from montenegro !!!

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