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    Hi all, I new. I'm looking to see if there is a way of playing ps2 games on a non backward compatible ps3. I recently did a softmod on my Wii and wondered if there was a softmod for the ps3. I am a complete novice BTW.

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    hello, i'm from germany - i registered me here because i hope to get some more information as i get in the german scene.

    thx for stay here

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    Hi.. How does everyone do?

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    hello everyone!

    Hi everyone new to the site but been around for awhile now. On and off but, I'm good at c++,Visual basic, java, and a few others. If you need any help please let me know.
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    May 2013


    i'm a new user and very new here! i'm looking for someone who can downgrade my ps3 - LA area only...

    please help me to downgrade my ps3...
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    Hey I'm knew to this site. In regards to tynille's question, there is a way to play ps2 games on non-backwards compatible ps3s but it has to have a cfw 4.30 and ps2 classics I think.

    Also to kogski downgrading a ps3 is pretty easy (if it's a softmod), there are articles, resources, and all the required firmware. Why have someone charge you when you can do it yourself for free.

    Although I doubt that anyone actually returns to this forum often, it's just some info to know for the next newbie.

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    Hi, i'm a new user .. what's up everyone

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    Hello. Everyone

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    Hello everyone! just joined and i'm excited to learn some cool stuff!

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    Hello guys.

    I am an old gamer lol. My last console was a PS1 and my last game was Final Fantasy IX, I hope I'm not too old for new technology as I intend to buy a PS3 and need some help from you.

    See you around!

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